SDF revealed outcome of last 24 hours in battle to defeat terrorism

The Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces revealed the outcome of the last 24 hours of the “battle to defeat terrorism” and pointed out that SDF killed 32 IS mercenaries among them 4 Amirs.

The statement said:

Our fighters launched an attack on the gatherings and sites of the “Daesh” terrorist organization inside al-Baguz village and violent clashes erupted there, resulted in killing numbers of IS’ mercenaries among them 4 Amirs and wounding others. Our fighters also found one of our fighters who had been missed two days ago, where he was moderately wounded, and was directly taken to hospitals for receiving medical treatment. Our forces seized a large quantity of weapons and ammunition.

Two terrorists were also killed during a sniper operation by our fighters, in conjunction with intensive raids launched by the International Coalition’s aircraft on the sites and fortifications of the terrorist organization.

In the clashes, one of our troops’ fighters was moderately wounded. He was taken to hospital for receiving the medical treatment.

The final outcome of the clashes:

– The number of terrorists killed: 32 terrorists, including 4 Amirs.

– Weapons seized by our fighters: Kalashnikov weapons /45/ rifles, BKC weapons /2/, RPG-B7weapons /13/, Brno weapons /3/, Zagros weapon /1/, Uzi weapons /2/, sniper weapon /1/, bullets of Dushka 14.5 /8 boxes/, RPG-B7 shells /4 /, haunting weapon /1/.

– Terrorists’ losses: A military vehicle was destroyed.

– Number of aerial strikes launched by International Coalition: 12 air strike.

– The number of our wounded fighters: one fighter.”

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