Dozens of ISIS mercenaries surrendered to SDF

Announcing that the time given to ISIS mercenaries to surrender was up, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) relaunched the operation against ISIS in Baghouz village of Hajin town at 6 pm on Sunday.

Fierce clashes have been taking place in the village since the launch of operation yesterday evening.

Dozens of male and female members of the ISIS terrorist organization have surrendered to SDF fighters today.

SDF fighters advance cautiously in the operation relaunched after thousands of gang members and their families surrendered.

Reports from the battle zones say SDF fighters advanced in the direction of the camp where ISIS gangs used their family members and children as human shields.

SDF sources point out that the area is full of landmines and add that the forces advance slowly to avoid casualties.

SDF had relaunched the final operation on Sunday afternoon, and gang members -most of whom were foreign-born and from other regions in Syria- started to surrender in the thousands along with their families. A total of 59.000 people have been removed from the region since early December.

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