MSD: Uprising of March 12th embodied free will of our people

The Syrian Democratic Council(MSD) commemorated the 15th anniversary of the March 12 Uprising and praised the popular uprising which embodied the free will of our people against the centralized and tyrannical regime that created strife between the components of the region.

The Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) issued a statement on the anniversary of March 12th Uprising, in which it said:

“we commemorate the 15th anniversary of the uprising that began on March 12, 2004 which was a result of the popular will and social awareness that rejects the tyrannical regime, the uprising which went from Dêrik to Qamishlo and Kobanî and Afrin to Aleppo and Damascus. We commemorate this uprising in a time when the people of Syria witnessed the eighth anniversary of the outbreak of the uprising and the Syrian revolutionary movement aimed at establishing a just and democratic system for a new start which in itself is a qualitative vision to solve the crisis in Syria, which left behind hundreds of thousands of dead and wounded.

The power in Damascus continues to insist on reproducing itself in accordance with the central formula. Some figures of the Syrian opposition play offensive roles hostile to the most basic national rights implemented by these figures from an agenda hostile to the will of the Kurdish people and the general constituents of the people in Syria, which will lead to the consolidation of the Syrian crisis according to narrow regional plans.

“We in the Syrian Democratic Council are bowing to the greatness of all the martyrs of the Syrian Democratic Forces at this great moment of ending terrorism in al-Bagouz that the battle of the total elimination of terrorism requires a determination and a participatory, societal, regional and global action.”

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