Clashes in al-Baguz axes, destroying IS’ defensive fortifications

The strong clashes are continuing between the fighters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and IS mercenaries in all the axes of al-Baguz, while the fighters destroyed the defensive fortifications of the mercenaries, a number of military vehicles and the center of the mercenaries’ command. Moreover, the fighters exterminated 38 mercenaries during the clashes.

The director of the Media Center of SDF Mostafa Bali stated in a press statement that the strong clashes continued on Monday night between the fighters and IS mercenaries in all al-Baguz axes.

Mostafa Bali made clear that during the clashes on Monday night, the fighters managed to destroy the defensive fortifications of IS mercenaries in addition to destroying a number of military vehicles that belong the mercenaries.

Bali made clear that IS mercenaries launched two attacks with thermal missiles on the sites of the fighters’ concentration in an attempt to obstruct the fighters’ progression.

Bali noted that during these clashes, 38 mercenaries were eradicated.

Mostafa Bali said that during the clashes, 3 fighters in their ranks martyred and 10 others got wounded.

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