Washington is pleased that London; Paris have kept their forces in Syria

“Through my talks with my British and French counterparts, I am very optimistic about their participation,” John Bolton told ABC.

The agency points out that nothing is official yet, but the US chief of staff is continuing consultations, the White House official said.

Bolton said he was not opposed to Trump’s unremitting comments for weeks that the “caliphate” declared by IS had ended 100 percent and the comments made by the commander of US forces in the Middle East, General Joseph Votel, who said the battle against IS has not finished yet.

US President Donald Trump abruptly announced in December the full and final withdrawal of 2,000 US troops deployed in north and east of Syria, declaring a total victory over IS.

After the announcement, and under Turkish threats of attacks on north and east of Syria to occupy it, Trump said it would form a so-called “Buffer zone” on the border with Turkey.

The Autonomous Administration categorically rejects Turkey’s role in this region as being essentially safe and Turkey is the threat to it, and it accepts the presence of international forces to deploy on the border to monitor it and to separate the Turkish forces and the Syrian Democratic Forces.

“The peoples of north and east of Syria reject the idea of a” Buffer zone “as it will trap the Syrian cities and towns directly on the border, Fawza Youssef told Reuters. Instead, we propose arrangements for a “border bar”.

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