Syriac Union: No Christian remains in any region occupied by Turkey and we reject any Turkish role in the safe area

Syriac Union: No Christian remains in any region occupied by Turkey and we reject any Turkish role in the safe area

The joint head of the Syrian Union Party, “Serhrib Barsum” That “the American decision to establish a safe area on the Syrian-Turkish border, we consider it a right decision and an important decision And comes in order to avoid any possible war between the Turkish regime and the Syrian democratic forces. ”

In a special press release of our site ‘Xeber 24’ Said the leader of the Union of Syriac Sarhrib Barsum “The United States keen to avoid such a war because the two parties are allies of America is a decision we also find important to reduce the Turkish ambitions of the Syrian territory In particular its objectives of striking self-management and striking the components within the areas of self-management.
The truth is that we, as the Syriac people, find a great danger in the event of the invasion of Turkish forces Or its mercenary forces on these areas will be the greatest harm to our Syriac and Christian people in general, As we know the orientation of this system and the orientation of the forces associated with it , Which is no different from IS and Jabhat Al-nusraa in terms of ideology and the rejection of the other who does not recognize and in line with their extremist ideas.

As for who runs the safe zone, the syiac leadership confirmed Barsum ” We reject a total rejection to be for Turkey having a role in it. We demand that there be international forces to supervise this region In cooperation with local forces of the region, This is the most appropriate for the survival of the peoples of the region in their regions and the survival of the institutions of self-management and development of this project, which agreed on the components, In the case of any Turkish role we know the Turkish policy, which works on demographic change and the displacement of all the inhabitants of the region ,Bringing residents from other parts of Syria or bringing in those displaced in Turkey to these areas,This is the Turkish policy that you are trying to apply in every region it controls, Therefore, we reiterate that the US administration should be aware of these risks if there is any Turkish role in this safe area. ”
He revealed the senior Syriac leader on the areas entered by the Turkish forces with their Syrian Islamic extremist groups  “Every area entered by the Turkish forces did not stay a single Christian in those areas, especially in Afrin, Where there were several churches where all Christians were displaced and destroyed, This letter also confirms that they do not accept Christians in their areas, These crimes are war crimes committed by these various factions ,All of which violate the international laws of murder and displacement, arbitrary arrests and demographic change . ”
He added: “Therefore, this adaptation can not be achieved between Christians, especially in the areas of East Euphrates threatened by the Turkish state,  Compatibility between them and the mercenary groups on which Turkey depends, Christians find the most appropriate is to maintain self-management and the forces of security and military in which all components are involved,  All components find themselves a key part of this project. ”
At the end of his speech, the Co-Chair of the Syrian Union Party “Serhrib Barasom” “The self-management project, which was established at the beginning of 2014 and we, as the Union of Syriac Party, we were also the founders of this project,They are also fully convinced of all the basic principles and charters, And we find it best suited to the region and to all the components of the region and it is also suitable for the Syriac Assyrian and Chaldean people,Who was absent during the past years of Syria without any role or any recognition of his rights,
Through this project, the Syriac component was able to guarantee its rights equally with all components, the socio-political and the Syriac language and the official recognition of it alongside the Kurdish and Arabic language, These rights and gains achieved are of great importance And we are working to strengthen and develop self-management project, especially in the areas of our people’s presence And also we will work to install them together at the level of Syria through the new Syrian constitution to try to include this model all in the Syrian regions. The presence of the Syriac people It is entitled to share with all the components in the management of its regions within a decentralized system that gives rights to minorities. “

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