7 Of SDF Hostages Are In Their Families Embrace

7 Of SDF Hostages Are In Their Families Embrace

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SDF over handed 7 hostages of its fighters by ISIS terrorist organization to their families in Raqqa, after it liberated them recently from Al-Baghoz town in Dair Al-Zor.

However, the commanding of SDF, In Raqqa, arranged a party, participating families’ high happiness for the return their liberated children.

Kandal, the commander of SDF, made a speech during the celebration, congratulating the liberated fighters, after their return to their families and life again, and after unrepresented resistance that they did in order for women and children to live in safety.

His speech also contained:” SDF worked on liberating those fighters, it will continue liberating last batch of its fighters who were victims of the terrorist organization conspiracy, however, as we promised to liberate this batch, we will liberate the rest”.

The party was ended with families’ accompanying to their sons in a majestic procession.

It worth mentioning that the 7 fighters got hostage in captivity 3 months ago, starting from the current date, they are in good health, they just need accurate nutrition care because of intended negligence by the terrorist organization.

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