Yazidi children rescued from ISIS tell what they experienced

Yazidi children rescued from ISIS tell what they experienced – ANF

Yazidi children, rescued from ISIS gangs, expressed that they were forced to be Islamized, that they were staying in military camps and that they had undergone military training under the name of “Eşbalen Xilafe”.
ISIS gangs kidnapped thousands of Yazidi women and children in their attacks against Shengal back in 2014. The gangs that forced the Yazidi children to convert into Islam also educated the children under the name “Eşbalen Xilafe”.

Hundreds of Yazidi women and children were rescued in the Operation Cizire Storm. SDF fighters finally saved 11 Yazidi children from gangs.

Sedam Hisen, a 15-year-old boy is from Shengal’s Dokrî village. Hisen said, “I was 10 when the gangs kidnapped me. They first took me to the Tal Afar. Then they separated the women and the men, and left the children alone. We went through Mosul, Raqqa and Hajin and finally came to Baghouz.”

Hisen, who said that the gangs had forced them to convert to Islam and that they were thrown into the dungeon if they opposed the gangs, also stated that the gangs were trying to indoctrinate them with dirty ideas. Hisên said “We were staying in military camps, taking military and intellectual training. They impressed their dirty ideas on us.”

Hisen who continued: “I spoke to my mother and siblings with the help of the Yazidi House in the Cizire region. I will see them soon. I have missed them too much” finished his words with “ISIS killed my father and kept me away from my family for five years.”

“All I remember is they beat me every day”

10-year-old Iyad Hisên is from the village of Herdanê and is sick. He explains the 5 years he was held by the gangs: “I don’t remember how they took me, because I was 5. They beat me every day.”

Iyad Hisên continued: “No news from my family. I hate ISIS because they kidnapped me and took me away from my family.”

Dr. Diyar Reşo, member of the Kurdish Red Crescent who made the health checks of the children, said that the children have some diseases due to malnutrition.

Resco added: “We carried out the children’s physical health checks. They have no good psychology due to the bad treatment they were subject to during their captivity at the hands of the gangs.

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