Afrin accuses Ankara of arrests, kidnapping and tribute

Afrin accuses Ankara of arrests, kidnapping and tribute

The Turkish authorities and their armed Syrian armed factions continue to violate defenseless civilians in the Kurdish city of Afrin, which was occupied a year ago.

The Kurdish Democratic Unity Party accused Ankara of imposing a media blackout on the Afrin region and “its miserable conditions under Turkish occupation.”

The Kurdistan workers party said in a statement that residents of the area, controlled by armed factions backed by Turkey, are being subjected daily to new violations or crimes committed without being held accountable.

The party pointed to the deterioration of the security situation in the region, and said that the deterioration of conditions resulted on Thursday, “a terrorist bombing by a car bomb … led to the deaths of two civilian martyrs … and wounding about 20 others injured.”

The violations the party accuses the Turkish government and the factions it supports include arrests and kidnappings of citizens and tribute and robberies.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed in a report on Friday similar violations in Afrin.

Turkish forces and their Syrian opposition allies swept the northern Syrian city of Afrin in March after a weeks-long military operation.

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