Pictures and video – Syria’s democratic forces free 11 children in the Baguoz

Pictures and video – Syria’s democratic forces free 11 children in the Baguoz


Syria’s democratic forces continue to enforce the blockade on the remaining remnants of the terrorist organization “Da’ash” the terrorist in the town of Baguoz While the remaining terrorists and their families gradually surrendered and the civilians abducted from terrorism are freed.

The Syrian Democratic Forces liberated 11 kidnapped children on Friday evening, 22-02-2019, during the liberation operations in the Baguoz region.

Hussein al-Qaeidi, head of the Yazidi kidnappers’ rescue office in Dahuk, announced on Saturday the release of 11 Yazidi children from the grip of Da’ash organization in the Syrian region of Baguz.

“Eleven kidnapped Yazidi children were freed on Friday evening during the liberation operations in the Syrian regions of Baguz,” Qaeidi said in a statement.

“These children were kidnapped on August 3, 2014 in Sinjar district ,Da’ash organisation killed their families and train these children in their camps and change their ideas and religion.” he added.

“These children are now in the Yazidi house in Syria and will be sent to their families as soon as possible,” he said.
and he stressed”The office is follow the liberation process and hopes that other groups will be freed in the coming days.”

In 2014, 6,417 Yazidi Kurds signed with Da’ash fist. After liberating 3,633 of them and finding 68 mass graves, the fate of 3,000 remains unknown.

The Syrian Democratic Forces have liberated tens of thousands of civilians, including thousands of Yazidis, so far from the grip of the organization “Da’ash” who were kidnapped during the occupation of the organization Shankal in 2014  After the withdrawal of the Peshmerga, the Kurdistan Democratic Party without clashes, leaving civilians to the terrorist organization.


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