Syrian refugee shot in head after masked men attack house in Istanbul

Syrian refugee shot in head after masked men attack house in Istanbul – Ahval

Four masked men last night raided a Syrian family’s house in Istanbul’s Gazi neighbourhood, one of the refugee settlements of the city, resulting with a Syrian refugee shot in the head, Turkish news website Diken reported .

The incident took place minutes after midnight when 4 unidentified armed men with masks attacked a home belonged to a 7-membered Syrian family. After shooting one of the refugees in the head, the suspects run away. The Syrian refugee injured severely and hospitalised. Police started an investigation into the assault which might be a racist attack.

The racist attacks against Syrian refugees in Turkey have intensely accelerated. Last month, a 15-year-old Syrian fell victim to a crime in the southeastern city of Gaziantep after unnamed men attacked a woman and her three children. Two weeks ago, a quarrel between Syrians and Turks in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district turned into mass racist attack with knives and batons against the refugees.

Turkey is home to a reported 3.8 million Syrian refugees, having implemented an open doors policy since the beginning of the conflict in the neighbouring country in 2011.

More than 70 percent of Turkish people believe Syrian refugees are taking their jobs and two-thirds think Syrians are responsible for increasing the crime rate, according to a poll conducted by Istanbul Bilgi University’s Centre for Migration Research in 2018.

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