Assad lost a historic opportunity .. Was it possible to return to Raqqa and Hasaka ??

Assad lost a historic opportunity .. Was it possible to return to Raqqa and Hasaka ??

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in his last speech broke the hopes of many Syrians in the return of Syrian-Syrian cohesion, Put the Kurds between the Turkish occupation of the Syrian north or the return of his rule on the terms of the past.
And the round of talks announced by the Syrian Democratic Council on 04/01/2019, Was hoping that these discussions with the Syrian government would develop into a Syrian recognition of the current self-management in the Syrian north and its development, In addition to becoming an additional force in the efforts of the Syrian state to eradicate terrorism from Syria,  However, the Syrian president in his last speech, which appeared on the media on 19/02/2019, These negotiations have failed and lost his historic opportunity, which he may regret very much.
The Kurds have had fears of a US withdrawal from the Syrian north and the possibility of a new Turkish invasion and occupation of the region, Which led them to launch an intensive media campaign in the past two months, which led to shed light on the fate of the Kurds in Syria, But by announcing that the withdrawal process “change tactics ” has given the Kurdish leadership some sort of reassurance, Especially as they are moving in the diplomatic arena more broadly, and with regional and international forces.
The message sent by Bashar al-Assad in his speech to the Kurdish leadership or to the Democratic Council of Syria or the areas of self-administration, that said The United States does not protect those who bet on it and that “only your state will protect you. Only the Syrian Arab Army will defend you.” This has left Assad losing his chance to restore his influence to the north of Syria, “the provinces of Raqqa and Hasaka,” run by the Democratic Council of Syria.
The regime had an opportunity in dialogue with the Kurds, If he reached a political agreement with them, he would gain a point that could serve as an input to regain the influence he lost during the war of the past years.
It was also expected that the head of the regime would come out and welcome the dialogue with the Kurds, not the intransigence and thought as the 1980s.

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