How did one of the oldest Da’ash return to his hometown ” Mrotha?

How did one of the oldest Da’ash return to his hometown ” Mrotha?

Mus’ab Yahya Shawa is considered one of the oldest and first people to join Da’ash organization in the town of Marotha at a time when he worked for the ranks of the Free Syrian Army.
And despite the objections of some of his family to join the Da’ash, but he threatened everyone then in 2014, To not object to his way and already join the organization, according to a witness, He lived in that period and the organisation had entered of the regions of Grables and others, on 18 February 2014.
Da’ash organization sent Musab Yahya Shawah to the area of ​​Abu Kamal , And worked with the organization a lot and participated in most of its operations and battles,  He held positions that our source could not know, but stressed that Shawah was leading groups during battles and operations.
Then Shawah returned to the area of ​​Dire Euphrates,by the instructions of the princes of the organization and established the killings and beatings and impose the provisions of the limit on the people, when Turkey and its armed Syrian factions began their military operation under the name of the Euphrates Shield on 08/11/2017.Shawah fled to Turkey and stayed there until he was arrested by a Turkish police patrol in Entabb as part of a large sweep campaign that included the entire country on 15 February, 2019,
targeted combing the elements and various headquarters, but the Turkish authorities detained the Kurdish figures who were arrested in the combative campaign, While the transfer of elements of the organization and some elements of the Syrian factions and some elements of the “Jabhat Nasra”, including Musab Yahya Shawah to the Syrian territory,  For the latter to return to his hometown in the town of Marotha as if nothing had happened.
And now Musab Yahya Shawah is in the city and in the areas of the Euphrates shield in a comfortable way Without any objection or even questioning by the so-called military police whose orders and laws are imposed on the poor only, “a police appointed by the Turkish state.
Mus’ab Yehia Shawah was killing people and defenseless citizens on charges of polytheists , He participated in the organization’s campaigns against the Kurdish people in Bab , Qbasin and Jrables , and his hands were stained with the blood of the Kurdish families.
This is only a sample of the areas of Turkish influence, which turned into a haven for terrorists and the bandits and gangs, The region is also dominated by kidnappings, threats, bombings and looting of civilian homes and ransom demand for the release of the kidnapped, and the Turkish president still comes and boasts of the security, security and stability of his regions.

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