The security chaos expands in Aleppo city causing more crimes the latest is killing a child after the abducting him and throwing his body in the city

The security chaos expands in Aleppo city causing more crimes the latest is killing a child after the abducting him and throwing his body in the city – SOHR

Aleppo city Province, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the security chaos continues to cause more crimes that claim the lives of innocent victims by hands of criminals, Shabiha, and other within Aleppo city, which is in witnessing a conflict among the warlords, where the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitored finding the body of a 7-years-old child dead after he was stripped of his clothes, sources said that he was stripped after being raped, killed, and thrown in Ard al-Sabbagh area in Salah al-Din neighborhood in Aleppo city near the ruins of the destroyed houses, but other sources denied the rape and asserted that several successive attempts to kill him took place through kidnapping in various ways, it worth mentioning that the child was reportedly lost yesterday but his family’s attempts to find him were unsuccessful, where he was found dead this morning, and the Syrian Observatory published on the 12th of September 2018 that Aleppo city which is controlled by the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them of Syrian and non-Syrian nationalities, is witnessing the continuation of security chaos, where the number of militias controlling the city and violations of al-Shabiha in it have irritated its inhabitants and raised their resentment, from killing, robbery, rape, and looting under the attention of the security authorities responsible for the city, where a person was killed and others were wounded by gunfire of unknown gunmen on al-Sayyad restaurant near the al-Shaar Roundabout in Aleppo city last night, and then they escaped, where these scenes have been repeated in the city terrorizing its residents, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights published on the 8th of September 2018 that residents of Aleppo city which is controlled by the regime forces, suffer from ongoing harassments and breaches due to the practices of the gunmen loyal to the regime forces “the Shabiha and the ally forces”, where the Syrian Observatory monitored the resentment prevailing among the locals of Aleppo city, as a result of the practices of the Shabiha who desecrated the sanctity of the city through their looting, thefts, rape, and imposing royalties over the peddlers and the shop owners in separated areas in Aleppo city, and what pours oil on the fire of the resentment among the residents of the city, is what the Syrian Observatory monitored about the fact that Shabiha of Al-Baqir battalion belongs to the Sheikh of al-Bakkara clan, Nawaf Al-Bashir, who declared previously that he “returned to the bosom of the Regime”, have killed an officer in the ranks of the criminal security of Al-Assad’s regime, and in the details obtained by the SOHR from local sources, a major of the criminal security, was killed during a raid to arrest a wanted person of the Shabiha of Al-Baqir battalion on charge of “raping a child girl” in the area of Bab Al-Faraj in Aleppo city center, where the major was killed after the Shabiha of Al-Baqir battalion shot him in order to give a chance for that who is accused of raping the girl, to escape.

The rape of the girl ignited resentment among the residents of Aleppo city, who are used to witnessing daily violations, killing processes, physical assaults, without anyone to prevent the Shabiha who legalize all what they want, amid the disability of the security and military authorities of the regime to stop them, while the leadership of Al-Baqir battalion confessed that the person who raped the child is one of members of its forces, and this incident is an “individual behavior”, it also claimed that it has handed over the wanted persons to the security bodies, while intersected sources denied that the battalion had handed over the criminal, but it handed over one of the underage fighters in its ranks instead, claiming that he is the one who raped the girl, after they attacked the patrol of the regime forces while it was trying to arrest the real criminal, while the Syrian Observatory published about a year ago, that it monitored popular resentment of the checkpoints of the militiamen loyal to the regime, where the people described the checkpoint as “looting”, and local sources asserted at that time to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that the checkpoints impose money on all kinds of goods that pass through the checkpoints at the outskirts of Aleppo city, and the civilians passing through the checkpoints, and the civilians asserted that the royalty imposed on the civilians who carry medicines and baby’s foods and luggage, and these checkpoints imposed different amounts of money since months.

And the residents have complained at the same period, to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, saying that after they were forced to leave their homes in the areas of military operations in Minyan and Project of 1070 apartments and the project of 3 thousand apartments and al-Hamdaniya and the outskirts of New Aleppo, they began to return to their homes, most of them found checkpoints of militiamen loyal to the regime set up on the entrances of the neighborhood where their homes exist, and the militiamen prevented them from entering their neighborhoods, while some of them were able to reach their homes after paying bribes to the gunmen loyal to the regime, finding their houses not like how they left them. The members of the regime forces and their allied militiamen denied the looting of furniture carried out by groups of the regime’s allied gunmen, who are thieves, and paid big bribes to leaders and then imposed royalties on passers-by in their areas of influence, to get double of what they have paid, and they stole everything in houses, including electrical tools, money, jewelries, bathroom and kitchen equipment, and electric wires in the walls of the houses and some asserted to the Syrian Observatory that they have seen the looting with their own eyes, and the power was given to those thieves and furniture looters which gave them the ability to steal houses while their owners are inside the houses, and despite the claim of the regime authorities to hunt the gunmen thieves loyal to the regime, the people of Aleppo confirmed to the Observatory that the looting increases day after another and that the resentment began to increase, because lootings are still going day after day, and at a greater pace, and no one wants to get out of these areas without getting wealth, and the regime’s security forces do not want to declare their failure, but they procrastinate until everything is done on its own, and until the theft stops. The residents confirmed earlier that they were being robbed in daylight, where people and gunmen loyal to the regime, after the fall of shells on areas in western Aleppo, they hospitalize the injured people and return to the injured and the killed people’s houses to steal them. One of them assert than the regime’s intelligence which arrested tens of thousands of young people and put them in their prisons and detention centers, is unable to stop groups that no one knows who supports them, leaving them to steal and do what they did to the citizens who spend their lifetime in order to be able to own a shop or a house, which is being looted daily by the gunmen loyal to the regime.

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