The Clashes Outcome In (The War Against Terrorism)

The Clashes Outcome In (The War Against Terrorism) – SDF

Heavy clashes occurred between our fighters and terrorists of ISIS, after our fighters launched an attack on their locations, this led to the kill of many terrorists, meanwhile, our fighters swept the area and seized a big number of weapons and ammo, while the engineering military team, affiliated to our forces, demined the mines planted by terrorists in the region.

However, the international coalition bombed many locations and headquarters of the terrorist organization, cutting many military roads used by terrorists.

The clashes last outcome:

The killed terrorists: 15 terrorists
The international coalition airstrike: 22 shells
Terrorists’ loss: cutting military road used by terrorists: 7, destroying fuel station:1, destroying terrorists points: 4.
The seized weapons, equipment and Amo by our forces: weapons and ammo stores: 3, laptop:1 with hrad:1, Barno weapon ammo: 12 boxes, Kalashnikov weapons (12:5 m): 78, Doska ammo boxes (14:5) m: 200, Mortar artillery: 2, A4 Ammo boxes: 200, Aspinjo weapon: 2
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