Kyrgyz Authorities Arrest Suspect for Sending Fighters to Syria

Kyrgyz Authorities Arrest Suspect for Sending Fighters to Syria – Asharq Al-Awsat

Kyrgyz authorities announced the arrest of a citizen suspected of organizing an “international channel” to send fighters to Syria.

The move came as part of measures aimed at countering dangers threatening the country against reports of the return of hundreds of terrorists from Syria and Iraq. These included thousands citizens from Central Asian republics, who over the past years have joined ISIS and fought in Syria.

Kyrgyz intelligence said in a statement that within the framework of measures to address terrorism and reduce the infiltration of international terrorists transferred from areas of conflict in Syria, the National Security Authority of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan arrested citizen H.T. who had left to fight in Syria.

Data available confirms that the suspect left Kyrgyzstan to Syria in 2014 using a forged passport. Within a short period of time, he became one of the best commanders of ISIS and participated in combat against the Syrian regime forces.

He proved his worth to the terrorist leaders, which prompted them to assign him to additional tasks and was subsequently sent to Turkey, where he was in charge of a large international channel to send fighters to Syria.

The defendant is currently being held under interrogation, as the National Security continues investigating the case.

According to the Kyrgyz security services, more than 500 Kyrgyz citizens, including children and minors, have so far remained members of international terrorist organizations on Syrian and Iraqi soil.

Up until recently, recruitment of new fighters in Kyrgyzstan continued, based on Kyrgyz Ministry of Interior data. The numbers confirm that in 2017 more than 200 cases of recruitment of ISIS fighters were foiled.

As ISIS loses control over various areas in Syria and Iraq, the return of ISIS citizens to their countries is a major concern for the authorities of Central Asian Republics, including Kyrgyzstan.

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