Barzani tries to cover up his corruption and control him by interfering with the affairs of Roj Ava and see everything allowed to himself

Barzani tries to cover up his corruption and control him by interfering with the affairs of Roj Ava and see everything allowed to himself

Massoud Barzani, leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iraq and the former president of the Kurdistan region, continues to intervene in the affairs of the rest of Kurdistan, And allows himself to do everything, and meet with delegations and enemies, especially some parties of the Turkish government, which do not move only the orders of Turkish intelligence.
Massoud Barzani recently held talks on the future of Syria’s kurds with the EU delegations, As well as with US officials, in addition to a visit to Jordan, He expressed his “concern” from the Jordanian capital of Amman about the future of Syria’s kurds, followed by a visit by Ahmed al-Jarba, and then A senior delegation of the political and military coalition led by Syrian opposition leader Nasr Hariri visited Erbil and held talks with the leadership of the Kurdistan Democratic Party and its leader Massoud Barzani.
According to official statements issued by coalition leaders to the media, the consultations focused with Barzani on the establishment of a joint military force between the factions of the coalition and Peshmerga “Roj”, which was trained by the Turkish army and supported by the Turkish authorities until the moment.
Barzani was not satisfied with this alone, He left the affairs of his region, which is experiencing a political and economic crisis and a crisis of confidence, and began to conduct dialogues and consultations with the governments of the European Union , The most recent day with a delegation from the German government that visited Hawller.
On Monday, Barzani held a meeting with the German ambassador to Iraq during a visit to Hawler and focused on the future of the Kurds in Syria.
The German ambassador to Iraq, Siril Naun, accompanied the German consul in Arbil, Barbara Wolf.

Barzani renewed his “concern” about the future of the Syrian Kurds, especially after US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw his troops from Syria.
Barzani’s moves come after the faltering steps to establish a safe area that Turkey and its President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to apply on the ground in the north of Syria,Especially after failing to find any mandate from the influential countries in the Syrian conflict to do so.

Observers believe that the intervention of Barzani in the affairs of Roj Ava and its Kurds, Comes to cover up the corruption experienced by the territory and the domination and control of people from his family and the corruption and looting of the wealth of the region.

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