Turkish authorities issue verdicts against 14-year-old Kurdish leaders

Turkish authorities issue verdicts against 14-year-old Kurdish leaders

The Turkish court sentenced former the mayor of Diyarbakir Kultin Qashanak to 14 years and three months in prison. She also sentenced the joint president of the Democratic Regions Party, Sabaht Tunjel, to 14 years and 3 months in prison, where Sabaht in prison for 21 months ago.
She was charged with belonging to a terrorist organization and managing it to the Kurdish leadership, and was charged with propagating terrorism.
Turkish police and gendarmerie took strong security measures in front of the courthouse.
Gulten Qashanak was brought to court by a police car. Tungel, the co-chair of the DBP, who was imprisoned at Kandira prison, did not attend the session because of health problems. But Tongle’s lawyers came to defend her.
The trial was attended by deputies of the Democratic Peoples Party, such as Zliah Gollum, Smra Gozil and Miral Danish Pestash.

During the defense, Qashanak said that the DBP co-chair also wanted to attend the courtroom, but as a result of her hunger strike 18 days ago, her health did not allow her to attend.

Qashanak said she had been held for 21 months and all sentences were released in absentia. .

Qashanak stressed that no one can force her to do something unless he is convinced of it and that she does everything she believes in. “What I do is true, legal, legitimate, human, and so I do.

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