VIDEO: Turkey controls the heart of Kirkuk and Kurdish parties are still fighting for government posts in Baghdad

VIDEO: Turkey controls the heart of Kirkuk and Kurdish parties are still fighting for government posts in Baghdad

The famous “Caesarea Market” was exposed to a sudden and deliberate fire on the night of November 27, 2018, The fire caused considerable damage and burned most of the shops within this famous market, which is more than 160 years old.
The governor of Kirkuk, Rakan Said al-Jubouri, was then appointed “lifting the rubble and the formation of a commission of inquiry,”
“We are working on a number of proposals to redress the victims and ensure that the fire burden is reduced to them,” he said.
For his part, demanded the Kurds and Turkmen officials to open an investigation into the causes of the fire, which happened in one of the most famous markets in the city of Kirkuk.
Although local authorities initially said an electric fault might be the reason However, the owners of the shops were never convinced of this, and demanded that the authorities open a wide investigation to reveal who is behind this work.

This market consists of very narrow alleyways and adjacent to each other. There are dozens of shops in the market dedicated to the sale of perfumes, gold, textiles and other supplies,
It is one of the oldest shops in the city where it was built by the people of the city during the days of the Ottoman Empire.
The head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan in the Iraqi parliament, Ribwar Taha, then issued a statement  “We call for the formation of a higher committee supervised by the federal government for prompt and immediate investigation into the causes of the fire and conduct a comprehensive disclosure and compensation of those affected financially.”
Taha, a deputy for Kirkuk, also asked the local government to “initiate the reconstruction of the damaged market And provide all services to be done after the completion of the procedures of investigation and compensation. ”
While the deputy head of the Turkmen Front Hassan Turani Had said at the time that the fire was deliberate to target the “Turkmen presence” in the market built during the Ottoman Empire 163 years ago.

But neither has happened But in practice, the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination (TICA) receives the restoration of the market  Without any significant presence neither to the central government of Iraq nor to the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq, which is already engaged in matters of competition for ministerial posts and government in the new Iraqi government.
Junaid Asmar, director of the Turkish Agency for Cooperation and Coordination (TICA) in the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Saturday 26/01/2019 announced That the work of restoration of the market, “Caesarea” historic downtown Kirkuk, the north of the country, will end the end of June.
The charges were then directed at agents of the Turkish intelligence agency and they are the only beneficiaries of this process Today, it became clear that it was the only beneficiary of TIKA’s restoration of the market, without any presence of the other parties.
Differences between Barzani and Talabani parties can be seen everywhere,  The power of the Peshmerga is not uniform, nor is the internal security forces “Asayish” unified, Sulaymaniyah also has a command and control center in some towns. Hawler also has a center and command that controls the capital, Dahuk and Zakho.
These and other make the people in the valley and the Kurdish leadership in another valley, While Turkey is incursions and occupation of areas in the Kurdistan region of Iraq  And sponsored by Kurdish parties, until it reached the center of the historic market of Kirkuk.

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