The Clashes Outcome In The War Against Terrorism

The Clashes Outcome In The War Against Terrorism – SDF

The terrorist organization of ISIS launched a massive attack, In the morning hours, on our fighters first frontline and locations, in Al-Susa town and its surrounding area, heavy clashes took place as a result, it is considered the toughest since many days ago, where it continued for 10 hours, the terrorists lost many casualties and equipment in addition destroying two tracks board with doska, while the international coalition targeted the terrorists locations, causing them a big lose in soul and equipment, however, some of our martyrs were honored with martyr hood while some others were wounded.

On other frontline of the same axis, heavy clashes took place between our forces and some members of the terrorist organization, after an opposite attack launched by the terrorists, but our forces could fail it, killing dozens of the terrorists seizing a big store of weapons and ammo, this was coincided with the international coalition airstrike on terrorists locations, our fighters could liberate many besieged families by the terrorist organization, meanwhile, the engineering military team, affiliated to our forces, worked in demining the planted mines in the region.

Many clashes occurred between our forces and the terrorist organization members in all the frontlines.

The separate clashes were continuing in all the front-lines until the date of preparing this outcome report.

The last clashes outcome:

The killed terrorist members: 82

The weapons and equipment that were seized by terrorists: destroying terrorists locations: 46, destroying military roads used by terrorists: 6, destroying doshka tracks: 2.

The international coalition airstrike: 56.

The martyrs of our forces: 11.

The wounded members of our forces: 15, they were transferred to the hospital to receive treatment.

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