The SDF break ISIS attacks on al-Marashdah village and manage to kill 8 members at least

The SDF break ISIS attacks on al-Marashdah village and manage to kill 8 members at least – SOHR

Deir Ezzor Province – The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights: the violent clashes are still continuing in areas in the eastern sector of Deir Ezzor countryside, between the members of the “Islamic State” Organization who refused to surrender, against the Syria Democratic Forces supported by the International Coalition, and the clashes are concentrated in al-Marashdah area after the SDF managed to break the counter attacks of ISIS members on the village in an attempt by them to recover it, and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights learned that the violent clashes left more human losses, where it documented the killing of 8 members at least of the organization, thus, it rose to 1221, the number of members and leaders of the “Islamic State” Organization who were killed in the clashes, detonations and raids, while it rose to 656, while the Syrian Observatory published hours ago that it rose to 388 people including 141 children and 86 citizen women (including 226 Syrian citizens including 96 children and 57 women of Syrian nationality) since the 10th of December 2018, also the “Islamic State” Organization had executed more than 713 detainees, of who were arrested on various charges including security members and members of the Organization who tried to break away of it and escape its controlled areas, and the executions were carried out inside headquarters and detention centers of the Organization, and within its controlled areas which are today confined to the towns of Sha’afah, al-Susah, al-Baghuz and villages of Abu Hasan, Bo Badran, al-Marashdah, al-Shajla, al-Kashmeh, al-Safiya and al-Bukhatir suburb east of Hajin, which extends along the east bank of Euphrates, along with its last enclave in the deserts of Homs and Deir Ezzor.

And the Syrian Observatory published hours ago, that it monitored the exit of new batches out of the “Islamic State” Organization’s areas on the east banks of Euphrates River, to areas controlled by the Syria Democratic Forces, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory: about 850 people Including 120 fighters of the “Islamic State” Organization were able to leave today, Friday, the 25th of January 2018 on board of cars and trucks from the front area with ISIS enclave towards the Syria Democratic Forces’ controlled areas, and the Syrian Observatory learned that the Organization’s fighters were hiding among the civilians who got out, where the Syria Democratic Forces arrested them and evacuated the new batch, raiaing 29000 the number of people who have gotten out of the organization’s enclave since early December 2018, of different nationalities of Syria, Iraq Russia, Somalia, Philippine and other Asian nationalities, and about 26950 of them have gotten out after the decision of the American president Trump to withdraw from Syria on the 19th of December 2018, including about 2220 members of the organization of those who infiltrated within the displaced people, and they were arrested after the residents recognized them and reported the security services about their infiltration, and the other group surrendered themselves after they managed to get out of ISIS last enclave, also people of those who fled confirmed to the Syrian Observatory that the organization is greatly collapsed, and it cannot resist no more, where the organization depends in repelling the attacks, on the heavily-planted landmines, the booby trapped vehicles and the “suicide bombers”.

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