Aldar Khalil : those who think that the entire north-east of Syria will be handed over to the Syrian regime and return to pre-2011 , the are dream

Aldar Khalil : those who think that the entire north-east of Syria will be handed over to the Syrian regime and return to pre-2011 , the are dream

The official of diplomatic relations in Movement for Democratic Society in Roj Ava Kurdistan – northeast of Syria, That everyone dreams who believes that the areas of north-east Syria, which has a significant impact in Syria to the bosom of the Syrian regime And that the system will return to its full institutions before 2011 and control everything.
Commenting on negotiations between the self-government and Moscow in preparation for negotiations with Damascus to find a solution to the issues related to northeastern Syria, Khalil said in a television program broadcast on the channel “Ronahi” on Monday: “We must know that Syria has been in crisis for 8 years, Syria has turned into a field of third world war and Syria has went out from its previous normal situation, and that problems must be solved in this country, And that there should be a comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis inside Syria And not to come from abroad and rely on countries involved in the Syrian crisis. ”
Khalil said in his speech that the Syrian regime is still on his previous thinking  And that he wants to control the entire country and return to the pre-events and that he did not benefit from the experience he experienced during the past years, For a time, self-administration has tried very hard to convince the regime to turn this country into a democratic country and solve problems , And that the insistence of the regime to continue its policy will lead to the destruction of the rest of the country.
“In order to find a solution to the Syrian crisis, self-administration sent its delegations three months ago to Damascus and there were meetings between the administration and the Syrian government, but unfortunately it did not produce any results because the regime was not serious to negotiate,” Khalil said.
Khalil continued in his speech : “Recently went to self-administration to Moscow because it has an impact on the Syrian regime, and to be a guarantor with Damascus to negotiate with them.”
Khalil said that their meetings with Moscow were continuing and that negotiations with Damascus had not begun.
Khalil noted that there are signs and signals that the negotiations will move towards the right path and that they will be constructive.
Khalil said that Moscow felt the danger after America’s decision to withdraw and this encouraged Moscow to negotiate, which led to the importance of democratic self-management and Moscow moved seriously.
Aldar Khalil: those who think that the entire north-east of Syria will be handed over to the Syrian regime and return to pre-2011, they are dream.
Khalil said: “Everyone has their projects” Musco has a project in Syria ” And “America has a project”  And “the Syrian regime has a project” And “the coalition has its own project” and “our project” And our project to make this region a joint coexistence area guaranteeing the rights of the Kurdish people and make Syria a democracy,  The Syrian regime has its own plan to restore Syria to the past “I control all of Syria and Russia wants to show America it is strong , And America wants to eliminate Da’ash and end Iran in Syria and the differences with Russia. ”
Khalil said: “In our regions there has been a revolution, there are gains made by the blood of the martyrs and the people throughout these years are living in difficulties And they have the will and there is agreement between the peoples of northern Syria. ”

Khalil said that this administration has a great influence and that Northeast Syria is not like the rest of Syria to return to the bosom of Damascus  As happened with the rest of Syria and that these areas have a significant impact in Syria They are under the control of self-management.

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