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ISIS terrorist organization is intensifying its attacks

our forces is continuing the campaign of liberating the countryside of Raqqa and hitting tough the terrorist organization of ISIS, where we takes advanced steps on daily basis to eliminate it from the region, however ISIS is trying fail the campaign via making suicidal explosive attacks.

while doing common routine field mission between our forces and fighting group of the international coalition on Al-Shadadi public road on 21 jan 2019, the terrorist organization launched a suicidal attack on the mission group via explosive car, where our forces successfully dealt with the event and took the required measures to avoid losing causalities.

the attack on the common mission group of our forces and the international coalition failed because of the awake of our forces, where the lose was just materials.

these terrorists attacks, at this time, where ISIS is moving to implement new strategy after its collapse, the terrorists are working on moving the hidden groups but, these movement won’t decrease our will to continue our task till the end, in a way that avoid new appearance of the terrorist organization that reproduce itself, under new titles.

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