600 civilians rescued from ISIS in Hajin region

600 civilians rescued from ISIS in Hajin region – ANF

With the security corridor the SDF fighters opened, hundreds of civilians were rescued from Hajin and its villages.
YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces continue to fight against ISIS in and around Hajin as part of the Operation Cizire Storm. Since the first days of the operation, hundreds of civilians have been rescued by SDF fighters.

Yesterday 600 civilians were evacuated from ISIS occupied territory through the security corridors the SDF fighters have opened, and were taken to areas liberated by the SDF.

Deir ez-Zor Civilian Assembly Member Mihemed Sileman Osman announced that 600 civilians from Baxoz, Shafaa and Sousse have been taken to safe areas after arriving in SDF-controlled territory.

Osman said the Civilian Assembly provides basic needs for the rescued civilians and continued: “We have seen to many of the civilians’ needs, including winter necessities. We made sure they were able to reach the Hol camp. There their needs will be met better.”

Meanwhile, SDF fighters are also working to rescue civilians from the Shafaa and Sousse regions and the Abu Al-Hasan village to rescue civilians in the midst of intense clashes.

The rescued civilians say ISIS gangs use them as human shields.

SDF has rescued thousands of civilians throughout the operation. According to the SOHR’s data, SDF has rescued 2.200 civilians. Last Tuesday, 700 civilians had been rescued.

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