Thousands of Afrin residents chant “We will return to Afrin”

Thousands of Afrin residents chant “We will return to Afrin” – ANHA

Chanting in one voice, with firm will asserting insistence to struggle till liberating Afrin, thousands of people of Afrin and al-Shahba have taken to streets in a mass protest marking the anniversary of the Turkish attacks and aggression against Afrin.
One year passed since the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries occupied Afrin, last year, on this day, at 16:00, 72 warplanes flew over the skies of Afrin and targeted civilians’ houses, archaeological sites and public facilities. Hundreds of civilians, including children and women martyred, in addition to wounding hundreds.

Today, 20 January, the first anniversary of the attacks and the occupation of Afrin, the people of Afrin and al-Shahba, in addition to thousands of people from north and east of Syria and the world, protested to reject and denounce the Turkish occupation of Afrin and emphasis on continuing resistance till liberation.

Thousands demonstrated under the slogan “In the spirit of Resistance of the Age, we will liberate Afrin and expel the Turkish occupation.”

All the shops were closed today, the traffic stopped and everyone went to join the mass protest to denounce the Turkish occupation and to insist on continuing resistance and determination to return to Afrin.

The demonstrators held thousands of photographs of the martyrs and wounded who were martyred and wounded during the shelling of the Turkish occupation of Afrin for 58 days, in addition to the images of destruction, and pictures of YPG, YPJ martyrs, Asayish forces, The Revolutionary Forces of Syria, the Fundamental Protection Forces, Revolutionary Forces and others, and pictures of the martyrs who carried out commando operations against the Turkish occupation ” Barîn, Avesta, Îlan, Karker, Qehreman and Sîpan and others.

Protesters also held banners reading” Turkish occupation for killing and massacres”, “Turkish Occupation for killing children and Women” some of the demonstrators are holding branches of olive trees amid chanting slogans,” We will return to Afrin”.

The demonstration, which is scheduled to begin at this moment, will take a distance of 1 km, until reaching the village of Marata Mislemiyê village, there, several speeches will be delivered on behalf of “Democratic Society Movement, the Democratic Autonomous Administration of Afrin canton, Kongra Star and the Council of Afrin”.

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