AStatement to the public opinion

AStatement to the public opinion

It is a year of an age resistance in Afrin insisting on its liberation, a full year of launching aggression of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries on Afrin, after which the occupation was occurred during heroic resistance by the units of protection of people and women and the people of Afrin for 58 days deserved to be an age resistance. Not only because of the enormous difference between the two sides, between the invading army and the resistance people, whether in terms of numbers or equipment, but because of the spectacle of the championship and the resistance that were declared by the people as an option and principle under international silence and complicity through them . Tomorrow every one is responsible of the Turkish occupation on Afrin in one way or another.

All attempts by Ankara’s tyrannical regime and its mercenaries failed, either by closing the siege on it since the beginning of the Syrian crisis or by directing the armed groups against it and by conducting various forms of terrorism in all its forms. Afrin didn’t kneel but has chosen a democratic path by belonging to Syria. Its sisters, Kubani and Al Jazeera, have announced their democratic civil management since January 2014, thus it becomes the model of a secure and stable city that was managed by their daughters and sons. Through ,self-.anagement model, Afrin turned to the secure shelter for about Half a million of Syrians from various regions of Syria where they emigrated to it because they believed that Afrin chose its will to live together, brotherhood of peoples and the unity of fate.

This was certainly the most troubling thing to the Turkish tyrannical regime, its mercenary groups and terrorist organizations, which have nothing to do with the culture of banditry, mercenaryism and the black wand to achieve occupation purposes and expansionist plans.

We at the Syrian Democratic Council are at the time we salute the age resistance of Afrin people and kneel in front of the championships that have become the inspiration and hope of the oppressed peoples to win their freedom like the martyr “Avesta Khabur, Barin Kobani , Karker and all martyrs who were over a thousand martyrs civilians and militaries. We call on insistence and cohesion with the resistance which entered its second phase since the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries to Afrin to the return of Afrin within the scene of 19 January 2018, the day before the aggression and then the occupation, the return of Afrin safe, stable and managed according to its democratic model that has considered the perfect solution for the Syrian crisis and The return of stability and security to our country Syria. We also salute the partisan troops to the Syrian army who participated with the units of people protection and women on the 33rd day of the resistance and the defense of Afrin as part of the Syrian geography, is no different from Horan, Damascus and Qamishlo. We salute all its martyrs and they are resistance and freedom martyrs.

We also call on our Syrian people from all their social structures to go to the camps of Al-Shahba to take part in the darkest conditions in the camps with natives that were praised by the local self-support. And making a decision to stay until their return to their olive, soil and water in a safe and dignified manner. And go out in all of Syria to denounce the occupation and crimes which are committed by the Turkish mercenaries since this year against Afrin, history, land, culture and belonging

We also call upon all Syrian people friends, Afrin, supporters of freedom, powers, parties and secular national democratic personalities in the Middle East and the world, in solidarity with Afrin, and take the 20th of January, an International Day of Solidarity with Afrin. Demanding the United Nations, the Security Council, Human Rights Organizations, International Amnesty Organization and Civil Society Organizations to strighten the finger on the systematic crimes against our people in Afrin and condemning all those who are involved and proscuted them. Stressing at the same time that our determination and our insistence on the liberation of Afrin has become a priority we don’t sway of it and became basically from the constants of the true Syrian solution.

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