Damascus “against any form of aggression and occupation”

Damascus “against any form of aggression and occupation” – ANF

Syrian Foreign Ministry said: statements of Turkish regime president stress that he can’t behave except by language of occupation and aggression.
Syria said on Tuesday that the statements of the Turkish regime president stress once again that this regime can’t behave except by the language of occupation or aggression.

An official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry told Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) in a statement that the Turkish regime, the sponsor of terrorists at Astana dialogues, couldn’t be but an irresponsible, reckless regime that behaves in a way which contradicts with the simplest principles of the UN charter, turning a blind eye to the international resolutions which have always affirmed respect for Syrian territorial integrity.

“Syria affirms that any attempt to target its unity will be considered as a clear aggression and an occupation of its territories as well as a support and protection for the international terrorism by Turkey,” the source said.

It added Syria reiterates that it was and still is determined to defend its people and territory against any form of aggression and occupation, including the Turkish occupation of the Syrian lands, with all means and capabilities.

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