Important: Some details of the buffer zone and “air embargo” in the north of Syria – Roj Ava

The latest American position consider the most obvious position of the US administration on the issue of Roj Ava and the Syrian north “Syrian Kurds” since the beginning of the crisis in Syria until the moment.
The decision of US President Donald Trump, who announced on 19/12/2018 the need to withdraw his troops from Syria, Has created a state of tension in all the countries of the coalition, including the Kurdish side and self-management in the north of Syria, And drew sharp criticism of the US administration to leave its allies alone in its war against Da’ash and face their fate with the Turkish threats, that Prompting the Pentagon and Congress to pressure Trump to back down, Coinciding with Turkey’s preparations for an attack on the eastern Euphrates in the north of Syria to target Kurdish units, which are considered allies of Washington.
These developments put the US administration and the Pentagon in an embarrassing position, Forced it to make more serious statements and commitments against Turkish harassment and threaten US interests in the region, The US officials stepped up their speech against Turkey and declared their stand behind the protection of their Kurdish allies and forces in Syria, Despite many attempts by the United States with Turkey, it did not reach a final solution with it, but it got some of the pledges, as announced by the US administration.
US National Security Adviser John Bolton announced while his presence in Israel That Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan pledged to President Trump not to attack the Syrian Kurds, But Erdogan rejected this and denied that he had made any pledges, It did not take long until Pompeo announce through Al Arabiya that everyone should know that the Syrian Kurds are not terrorists, In a clear reference to the Turkish accusations of Kurdish units in Syria.
It became clear that among the items agreed between the US administration and the Turkish government Is to create a buffer zone “protected area,” according to Pompeo said Monday, 14/01/2019 from the Saudi capital Riyadh and that work is under way.
Pompeo told reporters in Riyadh He believes that Trump’s comments on Twitter were referring to sanctions that could be imposed on Ankara, If Turkey moves militarily against the Kurds in Syria, and they are allies of the United States in the battle against Da’ash organization.
He added in response to a reporter’s question: “We apply sanctions in a number of places around the world. I suppose he talks about that sort of thing, but you have to ask him, Saying he still had to talk to Turkish officials or President Trump about the threat he had posted on Twitter.
Pompeo said Trump’s call for a 20-mile buffer zone between Turkish and Kurdish forces was consistent with what the United States was trying to achieve in negotiations with the Turks. He stressed that work on this point was still under way.
He added: “We want to make sure that the allies who fought with us to bring down Da’ash have security ..We also want to make sure that terrorists in Syria can not attack Turkey. These are the goals here. ”
Pompeo continued: “If we could find a buffer zone. If we could find a safe space and security arrangements, that would be in the interest of everyone in the region.”
Here, it is clear what the US administration is working to persuade or force Turkey to establish a buffer zone of “military” But with keep the security forces and police and Asayish within this region, Especially that these forces were trained by America and the International Alliance to maintain the security of the region, and will be within the buffer zone an air embargo also because the area may not be a buffer ground while being attacked by air, The buffer zones will be protected by land and air and the forces that remain in them will serve as security forces. However, the administration of the region will remain as it is from all the different strata of the region as it expands and annexes other local parties to it. According to information we also have, the US administration has offered such a similar project to self-management and leadership of the People’s Protection Units.
And also according to the information in our possession, America has put the Kurds in Syria as one of its priorities, as a result of what they constitute a major party in the Syrian crisis, In addition, they were from the start allies of the international coalition and their partners in the war against Da’ash.
On the other hand, the Turkish state undertakes not to attack the Kurds and not to attack the areas of self-administration and not to take any military action or incitement against them.

The sticking point that hinders all talks and all pledges is the Turkish occupation of the Afrin region, One of the demands of the basic self-management is the need to deport the Turkish state factions and their army from the territory of Afrin, But the US administration has not committed to anything but is continuing to impose a buffer zone with an air embargo.
Yara Ali

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