Thousands demanded justice for Sakine, Fidan and Leyla in Paris

Thousands demanded justice for Sakine, Fidan and Leyla in Paris – ANF

The slogan of the march this year was “For justice against impunity” and it was marked by the ongoing hunger strikes demanding an end to the aggravated isolation imposed on Abdullah Öcalan
Joining a massive rally in Paris today, thousands protested the policy of impunity and silence on the triple murder of Sakine Fidan, Leyla, while at the same time demanding freedom for Öcalan, international guarantee for Rojava and saluting Leyla Güven.

Around 15 thousand people gathered in front of Gare Nord in Paris in the early morning hours today before staging a march to the Republique Square, giving the message “We know the perpetrators, we demand them put on trial”.

The slogan of the march this year was “For justice against impunity” and it was marked by the ongoing hunger strikes inspired by the action of DTK Co-chair and HDP MP Leyla Güven who is on the 66th day of her indefinite hunger strike against the aggravated isolation regime imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Dozens of women’s organizations like the World Women’s March and political parties and organizations like the Communist Party France attended the march. Leftist organizations from Turkey and people from various ethnicities in France were also present in the march where the crowd chanted “We know the murderers” and demanded France put the perpetrators and instigators on trial.

The march was followed by a rally at the Republique Square where speeches were made, highlighting the following reactions and demands:

– We know the perpetrators, we know who ordered it, they must be put on trial

– French judiciary must carry out its duty, the government must take on responsibility

– Öcalan must be freed

– Solidarity with hunger strikes must be expanded

– Kurds are our main ally

– Turkish occupation must be stopped

– French government must take an initiative at the UN Security Council in order for Kurds to be out under international guarantee and for Rojava to be declared a no-fly zone

– PKK must be removed from the list of terrorist organisations.
-A statement on behalf of the Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe (TJK-E) said: “Those who murdered comrade Sakine have helped her meet with the world’s women”.


On behalf of the families of the three Kurdish women, Fidan Doğan’s father Hasan Doğan and Leyla Şaylemez’s father Cumali Şaylemez spoke.

Hasan Doğan said: “As Kurdish people we have no choice but resistance. We will resist, whoever resists, triumphs”.

Cumali Şaylemez said: “We have been calling the perpetrators to account fors ix years. This is the duty of all of us”.


Left Party Coordinatior Danielle Simonnet spoke next and said the following: “This is not a triple murder but feminicide.”

Recalling the French state’s promise to shed light on the murders, Simonnet said; “We know the perpetrators and those woh gave the order. However, the French state has not put those responsible on trial, it didn’t keep its Word. Paris should not be the capital city of impunity.”

Simonnet also touched upon the Turkish state’s occupation threats against Rojava and called on the French state to intervene; “We owe the Kurds. Rojava is a peace perspective that inspires us and is a feminist struggle.”

Regarding the hunger strike actions, Simonnet said they as a delegation will go to Strasbourg on Wednesday to express solidarity with the demand of hunger strikers. He added that they will also go to Turkey to attend Leyla Güven’s hearing and demand her freedom.

Simonnet also called for the PKK to be removed from the list of terrorist organisations, saying; “Öcalan is the Mandela of the Kurds. He must be released for peace.”


Left Party coordinator and MP Eric Coquerel said; “Kurds are the best ally of France. The struggle of Kurds is crucial against fascism and reactionism.”

Coquerel called on French President Emmanuel Macron to act on the hunger strikes of Leyla Güven and prisoners, saying; “We must protect our best ally.”

Coquerel demanded freedom for Öcalan, saying this was a must for peace to be achieved. Coquerel called on the French government to take action before the UN Security council, adding; “Kurds must be placed under UN guarantee”.


Mustafa Sarıkaya spoke on behalf of the hunger strikers in Strasbourg and reiterated their demand fort he freedom of Öcalan who -he said- “is the voice, existence and freedom of the Kurds”.

He added that they will not leave Strasbourg until they hear from the Kurdish leader.

Another hunger striker, Dilek Öcalan, said: “Whatever the price might be, we are ready to pay it. We will liberate our Leader.”


French Communist Party Secretary General Pierre Laurent said those who gave the order for Paris murders were known, and called for their trial.

Laurent voiced solidarity with hunger strikers and their demand, and called on the French state to support the Kurds amidst the Turkish state’s increasing occupation threats against Rojava.

“France could undertake an initiative at the UN Security Council and ensure international protection for the Kurds.”

Laurent also called for a no-fly zone and stressed that there could be no solution in Syria without the Kurds.

The French politician called for the delisting of the PKK as a terrorist organisation and ended by saying: “Stop Erdoğan, long live international solidarity”.


Deputy mayor Helene Bidar on behalf of the Mayor of Paris Municipality also spoke at the rally and said they cannot accept silence in the face of a State crime committed on national lands.

Bidard higlighted the struggle of Kurdish women, saying: “The spring of women cannot be prevented and the spring is here”.


KCK Presidency Council Member Elif Ronahi sent a video message to the rally, telling about the struggle of Sakine, Fidan and Leyla in the Kurdish freedom struggle and mentioned the documents about the massacre that have been exposed.

Ronahi said: “Our next basic duty is to expose those responsible for this massacre and plot and to make sure they are put on trial. This triple murder will definitively be avenged, and justice will definitively be done”.

Referring to the isolation of Öcalan and hunger strikes demanding an end to this, Ronahi talked about the need for “a strategic stand and a process of action”. She added: “It is our binding duty to free our Leader and Kurdistan”.


KONGRA-GEL Co-chair Remzi Kartal said that a silence caused by interstate interests prevailed regarding the Paris massacre. He vowed that they will keep their struggle going in the streets and squares of Paris until the truth is brought to light.

Regarding the hunger strikes and their demand for an end to the isolation of Öcalan, Kartal said; “If we show strong support for the hunger strikes, we can have the public take action and force the CPT. We must mobilise.”


Feminist movements also participated in the rally with a banner reading “Feminist solidarity” and demanded “truth” and “justice” regarding the murder of the three Kurdish women.

A statement made on behalf of women’s movement said; “The French judiciary was not sensitive enough to achieve a result in this case. France has missed a historic mission. Those who gave the order are enjoying impunity. This crime was committed against women, peace and democracy. Every killing of women is political.”


France-Kurdistan Association executive Sylvie Jan said: “We are with you until the end for justice to be done. Peace in the Middle East is dependent on the recognition of Kurds’ rights and the freedom of Öcalan.”

Jan called for freedom for Öcalan and all political prisoners, and delisting of the PKK as a terrorist organisation.

More speeches made at the rally on behalf of Socialist Women’s Union and many other organizations voiced solidarity with the Kurdish people and their struggle.

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