A group of Kurdish parties calling for a comprehensive Kurdish reference in Roj-Ava

A group of Kurdish parties calling for a comprehensive Kurdish reference in Roj-Ava

A group of Kurdish parties in Roj-Ava on Friday launched an invitation to find a comprehensive Kurdish reference for all Kurdish parties in Roj-Ava Syria.
The statement, which was received by our website ‘xeber24’, is a copy of it said ” dated 11-1-2019 The second meeting of the parties was held in response to the appeal of Mr. Abdel Hamid Darwish And decided to name the meeting on behalf of the Kurdish National Initiative parties,The work of the Committee, which emerged from the first meeting, which was mandated to communicate with parties and parties absent from the meeting, was evaluated. ”
“The participants expressed their regret that the invitation has not been met by both PYD and ENKS so far.” the statement noted
The statement added ” decide to continue holding meetings periodically so that these meetings are open to all other Kurdish parties, A committee was formed on behalf of the follow-up and coordination committee of the Kurdish National Initiative parties and the selection of Abdelhamid Darwish as its general coordinator.
“The meeting concluded with the insistence of representatives of the participating parties on the need to work hard to bring the views of the Kurdish parties closer together In order to reach a comprehensive Kurdish political reference, Including all parties and Kurdish parties without exception and be a real representative of the Kurdish people in various forums.
Parties of Kurdish National Initiative in Syria:
1 – parties of the Kurdish National Alliance “Hevbendi”.
2- Kurdish Left Party in Syria.
3. The Kurdistan Liberal Union.
4- Kurdistan Communist Party.
5 – Azadi Party of Kurdistan – Secretariat.
6. The Patriotic Party of Kurdistan.
7. Azadi party of kurdistan
8. The Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria.
The statement did not indicate the position of the parties gathered, About the initiative launched by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the initiative of the reunification of all Kurdish parties and the opening of their offices.

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