A Weekly Statement By Kino Gabriel Spokesperson Of SDF 9-1-2019

A Weekly Statement By Kino Gabriel Spokesperson Of SDF 9-1-2019 – SDF

The Syrian Democratic Forces achieved significant victories in the war against terrorism during the last two weeks. Military operations continue against the last remnants of ISIS in the Middle Euphrates River Valley as a part of Operation Roundup.

Our forces advanced and liberated vast areas previously occupied by ISIS, to include many strategic defense points in Hajin and Al-Shaafa. Our teams discovered weapons, ammunition depots and suicide vehicles factories.

These operations are carried out with the support of the International Coalition through coordinated military, logistical and intelligence support, and artillery and air strikes that destroyed 380 targets, and eliminated 236 terrorists.

In the course of these operations, SDF managed to eliminate dozens of ISIS terrorists. We also arrested two groups of terrorists, to include foreign fighters, who attempted to escape among evacuating civilians. These operations contribute to the neutralization of various groups of terrorists who pose a threat to the international community.

SDF also provided support to large groups of civilians stranded in areas of military operations. We provided safe passages, evacuating approximately 2,500 of our civilian brothers and sisters.

The Syrian Democratic Forces are committed to the war against terrorism. But ISIS continues to be a dangerous adversary with the ability to launch counter attacks and coordinate terrorist operations within liberated areas. We need continuous combined military and civilian efforts to ensure the final and lasting victory against ISIS and prevent destabilization through threats made by several regional powers against North and East Syria. These threats affect our efforts to counter terrorism.

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