An Israeli channel publishes an exciting report on the Kurds will anger Turkey

An Israeli channel publishes an exciting report on the Kurds will anger Turkey

Turkish-American relations are strained by Turkey’s refusal to support the United States and the Kurds in Syria to fight a terrorist organization in Syria, Within the international coalition formed by 62 countries.
Turkey refuses to recognize any rights of the Kurdish people in Turkey But it interferes with the rest of the neighboring countries and pressure them to prevent the Kurds in those countries to their rights and even understanding with the governments of those countries, Turkey sees a danger to its national security, although the Kurds are considered the oldest people who inhabited the region and accepted the Turks hundreds of years.
In the same context, the second Israeli channel, broadcasted A report prepared by Arad Nir from the city of Diyarbakir, the capital of northern Kurdistan, “south-eastern Turkey,” and published a report from Diyarbakir carrying the views of the Kurds who met them. “US President Donald Trump abandoned the Kurds halfway after they eliminated an organization Da’ash terrorist in Syria and they are under great pressure in Turkey,” Nir said.
Nir added that 100 years ago, at the end of the First World War, the Middle East was divided, The ruling powers forgot the Kurds then to become no country. He added: The number of Kurds currently 40 million Kurds are distributed in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran, Pointing out that they were oppressed in the countries where they live while they were facing Da’ash in Syria.
He explained: Since the Turkish War of Independence, the Kurds are forced to disengage from their Kurdish culture and even their nationality, and he is  pointing that the Kurds represent 20 million citizens of the total population in Turkey, which is equivalent to more than 25 percent of the total population of Turkey.
He also said that Erdogan and his party, “Justice and Development” seek to distance the Kurds from various national symbols And that the Kurds are forced to think carefully in every word they will utter during the security forces roaming the cities, One of the citizens who suffer from repression says that the Kurds are considered deaf and dumb because they do not have a state of their own and their representatives can not say anything.
The report also reported that the ancient city of Diyarbakir experienced a difficult war in 2015 At the same time as the Kurds were fighting Da’ash  The Turkish army launched a war on the Kurdish fighting arm ” Kurdistan worker’s Party”
The role of the Mossad in the arrest of Ocalan
For his part, Brdan Ozturk, the last leader of the Kurdish opposition, who was not imprisoned inside the prison said
That the Turkish authorities entered the town of Sur by tanks and heavy weapons and everything in it, Saying: “The state decided to eliminate our country and determined to kill us and burn our homes and our children alive in our homes. This is not fiction but truth, the power has completely destroyed Sur town”
The report confirmed that Erdogan conducted peace negotiations with the Kurdish leader currently detained in Imrali prison “Abdullah Ocalan”, Because it was an initial condition of the European Union to join Turkey.
He said that Ocalan was arrested 20 years ago and that the Kurds believe that the Mossad is responsible for the arrest of Ocalan, When the negotiations hinder Erdogan’s ban on the use of various Kurdish symbols,however Kurds have continued to protect their symbols and culture in the heart of the city, despite all this.
The Israeli report explains that the power that burned the city of Sur is now being reconstructed. Pointing that the Kurds believe that Erdogan will establish mosques at a time when they need schools and universities. Turkey has been witnessing a campaign of large arrests since the failed coup until the moment and deposited hundreds of Kurdish politicians, activists and intellectuals in prisons on various charges and arguments, And closed most of the associations, channels and Kurdish media in the country and impose the Turkish language only in the country where more than 20 million Kurds live.

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