Europe imposes sanctions against Iran’s intelligence for terrorism, assassinations

Europe imposes sanctions against Iran’s intelligence for terrorism, assassinations – Baghdad Post

Observers have said the sanctions imposed by the European Union against the Iranian intelligence service for planning assassinations in Europe open the door for further western sanctions against Iran and resume the US sanctions imposed on Tehran. It confirms that Tehran is the stronghold for terrorism and its regime should be penalized.
Danish Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen said the European Union imposed sanctions on Iran’s intelligence service for planning assassinations in Europe.
“EU just agreed to enact sanctions against an Iranian Intelligence Service for its assassination plots on European soil. Strong signal from the EU that we will not accept such behavior in Europe,” he said in a tweet on Tuesday.
Samuelsen considered the day as ‘important’ for the European Foreign Policy. However, he did not mention the nature of sanctions.

Five Scandinavian countries have recently expressed concern after the Iranian intelligence was involved in an attempt to target anti-Tehran opponents in Denmark. That was before the local authorities managed to foil those attempts.
In a joint statement, the foreign ministries of the four countries expressed their complete solidarity with their allies in Denmark against the conspiracy carried out by the Iranian agent. They condemned all the threats against the Scandinavian national security.
In November, the European Union expressed readiness to impose sanctions on Iran, due to accusations of preparing for the assassination of Iran opponents in Denmark and France. In the same month, the US re-imposed economic sanctions and stressed other sanctions in fields of oil, banking and transportation.
There has been several scenes of Iranian terrorism in Europe, including the intelligence conspiracy to attack the Iranian opposition conference held in June in France.
France has frozen assets of the Iranian intelligence and other two Iranians. It also expelled diplomats, saying that the terrorist plan for Tehran that was targeting the opposition conference near Paris cannot pass without response.
Observers noted that the EU-sanctions lift the cinematic and diplomatic cover off Tehran and show the world its plans for crimes in Europe.

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