What is happening in the corridors of Kurdish politics ??

What is happening in the corridors of Kurdish politics ?? – PYD

From the very beginning we launch call, we take proactive steps,  And try to urge the forces and parties to play a key role in the Kurdish arena to avoid any problem coming and anticipation of the development of events and increase the tension that may occur between the Kurdish political parties, which no one wishes, Our call has always been to activate the PUK in the hope that it will play its basic role among the various parties and Kurdish parties and marketing them internally, regionally and globally, And may absorb some of the dispersion and divergence of these parties combined.
What the Kurdish community suffers as a result of wrong policies, We find it a serious and harmful to all within the Kurdish class, and constitute a dangerous stage on the whole Kurdish reality, Especially in light of the Kurdish political divide, causing some parties to slide towards the politically prohibited through the negative use of the Kurdish paper in order to undermine the political opponent, Where the revenge of our party and the distortion of his image in general is a target for some parties as long as it will eventually lead to the degradation of our party.
Today, it seems that most of the basic forces agree and agree on the need to unite, and this requires mainly cooperation with the various Kurdish parties.
All the forces in the Kurdish street are talking about putting forward an initiative and bringing out a document of understanding between the different Kurdish forces on the basis of consensus between all the Kurdish national forces in Syria.
Hence, the Democratic Union Party (PYD) was one of the most prominent parties that felt the danger And worked to put such an initiative with all parties and parties to find a national reference Kurdish acceptable at home and abroad to the benefit of the Kurds.
Here we stress that the Democratic Union Party has built a special relationship with all forces on the Kurdish, regional and international arena, And is always ready to cooperate with all to make the success of all projects that benefit the Kurdish people and the peoples of the region in general.
Here, it must be said that there are forces that have always tried to defame our democratic project to weaken it influence and it historical role, As it a national project through which we can address everyone and openness to the world, And because it basically came out of the womb of the free society, carrying the concerns and grievances of the Kurdish community and the peoples of the region to the world, Therefore, whoever targets and targets our project, it implements external strategies, and these forces will not succeed in their goals if they are besieged through dialogue and understanding.
As for the Turkish regime and its like, they are targeting all Kurdish projects and are always trying to thwart Kurdish projects In addition to the presence of paid weapons on the Kurdish street  The enemies’ ambitions are being implemented to avenge all Kurdish projects.
We in the Democratic Union Party are always trying and calling for the success of all the understandings that are taking place no matter what; To ward off the specter of fratricidal conflict, And to miss the opportunity On the abusers for the Kurdish community.

Yara Ali

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