Important: The arrival of negotiations between the kurdish Democratic Administration and the Russians and the regime to a fruitful advanced stage “These are the most important points of discussion”

Important: The arrival of negotiations between the kurdish democratic administration and the Russians and the regime to a fruitful advanced stage “These are the most important points of discussion”

The democratic administration in Roj-Ava and northern Syria continues its negotiations and attempts with the parties to the conflict and the European countries to prevent any possible Turkish attack on the border towns and villages of northern Syria.
According to news available to us democratic administration is conducting negotiations with both the regime and the Russians, To find a compromise formula to resolve the Syrian crisis and ensure the rights of all components in the new Syrian constitution, which is being prapared for him, In addition to finding a fair solution and partnership between the democratic administration (in north syria) and the regime under the auspices of Russia.
According to preliminary information, a road map was discussed with the Russian side, The Russians had a positive vision about the points they include, So that the security forces and the defense and the need to preserve them to protect the security of the region and its administration,  And that the Syrian army, from which the candidate is to make changes to the structure and even management and name also, Provided that all troops join this army, Which would be broader in terms of representation.
One of the important points that was discussed and put forward during the discussions on the internal wealth and water resources, It proposed that it be managed from Damascus in a partnership and distributed fairly, So that help in the development and progress of all regions.
They also discussed how to manage the autonomous areas run by the Democratic Council of Syria, and suggested that the management style be “decentralized” and that all areas be exclusively under the sovereignty of the Syrian state.
One of the points of interest to the Kurdish street in particular, which was put forward and insisted by the democratic administration and syrian democratic council, Is the need to liberate all the occupied territories, especially the city of Afrin occupied by Turkey and the factions loyal to it since 18/03/2018, And the need for coordination, cooperation and partnership in the process of its liberation.
In the same context, the adviser of the Democratic administration “Badran Jia” revealed a few days ago that “the meeting organized the democratic administration and the Russian Foreign Ministry on 14 December 2018, Where the meeting dealt with the Turkish threats to areas of northern and eastern Syria, and how to organize joint efforts to stop these threats, as well as the meeting dealt with the subject of the Syrian-Syrian dialogue and the reasons for its failure previously, As well as how Russia can play an important role in the dialogue between democratic administration and Damascus. ”
At the time, Jia said in a statement to the Kurdish agency “ANHA” “On this basis has been presented a road map to start a dialogue mediated by Russia, And that the map contains the main points on how to protect the areas of northern and eastern Syria according to a comprehensive defense system of Syria from external threats,  And how to make autonomous departments constitutional And the inclusion of all the rights of constituents constitutionally within a unified Syria, and the distribution of economic wealth in a fair manner to all Syrians.

These meetings come after the announcement of US President Donald Trump, the withdrawal of troops from Syria as soon as 19/12/2018, and this is what the Kurds saw as a stab in the back to leave them alone between the front and the front of the Turkish army, which threatens to launch a large operation against the units Kurdish in Syria.

Yara Ali

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