Macron urges Putin protect Kurds in Syria

Macron urges Putin protect Kurds in Syria – The Baghdad Post

French President Emmanuel Macron called on his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to protect the Kurds in Syria in the wake of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, a decision recently taken by US President Donald Trump.

During a phone call with Putin on Wednesday, Macron emphasized on “the need to recognize the rights of local populations and to ensure that allied coalition forces, including Kurds, are preserved, given their ongoing commitment to the fight against Islamist terrorism”.

Macron added that France’s top priority in Syria is the battle against the Islamic State. He added that his country is committed to fight, as part of the international coalition, against the extremist group in Syria.

The French leader also described the political solution within the framework of the UN Security Council Resolution 2254 as the only option to end the Syrian crisis.

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