Video: The Kurdish Council is equal to the Turkish occupation and the spread of the regime forces,and sees them in vain and insists on remaining in the coalition

Video: The Kurdish Council is equal to the Turkish occupation and the spread of the regime forces,and sees them in vain and insists on remaining in the coalition

The Kurdish National Council organized a symposium Under the name of the General Federation of writers and journalists With the participation of “Union of Books of Kurdistan Syria” The seminar was chaired by a member of the Kurdish National Council Fasla Yusif She touched on the current situation in the region and promoted Roj Ava in particular.
Yousef was like the Turkish occupation and the return of the Syrian regime forces to the regions of Roj-Ava Like some and saw them no avail ?? !!.
Member of the Kurdish National Council evaded the questions of attendance, She focused on the defamation of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) The latter was accused of being the cause of all the problems plaguing the region, It linked the lack of possession of the Kurdish National Council any project for violations of the Democratic Union Party, And that the are part of the Syrian coalition with the Democratic Union Party, And away from trying to unite the Kurdish class for “violations” of the Democratic Union Party, In her speech, she linked everything to the policies of the Democratic Union Party, But the leadership did not explain to the audience what they can as a council ,What have they done during the past 7 years?
A member of the Kurdish Council Fasla Yusuf spoke incorrectly And she gave the audience information is superficial and inaccurate and incorrect as if sitting in front of students of a primary school, As one of the attendees asked why the Kurdish National Council is still within the coalition , and the latter Turkey is involved in the war on Rouge Ava and the looting of Afrin’s people, Yusuf fled the answer and said that this is not the real difference between them and the Democratic Union Party, Claiming that they were not in the coalition when they signed the deal Hawler, But forgot that the Council from the beginning was within the Syrian National Council, And current members such as Hawass Akeid and others were members of the time within the Syrian Council and are still continuing within the coalition until the moment, She also forget that she boasted of the characters of the Islamic Coalition that they were revive the free armyT from the beginning in the cities of Roj Ava And led demonstrations in support of them and their war against the Syrian army and against the authority of Assad and drop in Damascus, And that the Democratic Union and Self-Government Party had arrested and arrested them on behalf of the regime. Fasla Yeusef claimed to call for unity She and her comoanions are still in Istanbul are holding meetings with the coalition Who sent his army “the national” to Mnbj and accepted to Afrin, And threaten to remove Kurdish parties “separatist” from the city.
Fasla Yusef chapter gave justification for its suspicious relations with Turkey an unfortunate example, And claimed that the HDP also in the Turkish parliament, I thought that its identity was not Syrian but Turkish.
It was clear from Fasla’s words of the ridicule of the mindsof the street and the citizen, And even to follow the style of tricks and promote false allegations in order to get out of the crisis, and followed the method of rotation and rotation and evade answering the questions addressed to them.
In another context, there seems to be a clear contradiction between the Council’s speech abroad And between her talk and her speech that she wanted to market her in the symposium, and it was clear The audience appeared not to take her words seriously.
It is worth mentioning Yusef had an image with the Muslim brotherhood Ismail al-Ghasab al-Khalidi Which represents armed opposition groups and is known for its extreme hostility to the Kurdish issue In addition to carrying the Salafi thought filled with chauvinistic spirit full of hatred and hatred towards the cause of the Kurdish people.
And Fasla Yusuf , she leader in the Kurdistan Democratic Unity Party, Which was headed by Kamiran Hajo and announced his resignation from the party later, and her party is still part of the Syrian opposition coalition, which shares the Turkish state with its national army in all its military operations against civilians in Afrin and Manbj And the threat of invasion until reaching the borders of the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
Fasla Yusef preferred the coalition and The Kurdish Council will remain in the coalition under the auspices of Turkey Even if Turkey occupied all of the cities of Roj Ava, And even if the coalition factions looted all the houses of Roj Ava.

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نحن نستخدم ملفات تعريف الارتباط (كوكيز) لفهم كيفية استخدامك لموقعنا ولتحسين تجربتك. من خلال الاستمرار في استخدام موقعنا ، فإنك توافق على استخدامنا لملفات تعريف الارتباط. سياسية الخصوصية

جمع البيانات
عند استخدام الموقع قد تصادف مناطق مثل المنتديات أو خدمات الفيديو حيث يتم الطلب منك كمستخدم إدخال معلومات المستخدم الخاصة بك. يتم استخدام مثل معلومات المستخدم هذه فقط للهدف التي يتم جمعها من أجله، وأي أغراض أخرى يتم تحديدها في نقطة الجمع وذلك بالتوافق مع سياسة الخصوصية هذه. لن نقوم بالإفصاح عن أي من معلومات المستخدم التي توفرها لطرف ثالث دون إصدارك الموافقة على ذلك، باستثناء ضرورة توفير خدمات قمت بتحديد طلبها.
إلغاء الاشتراك
تستطيع عندما تريد سحب موافقتك على استلام مخاطبات دورية بخصوص المواصفات، والمنتجات، والخدمات، والفعاليات وذلك عن طريق الرد على وصلة "إلغاء الاشتراك" في المخاطبات القادمة منا. الرجاء ملاحظة أننا لن نقوم بالإفصاح عن معلومات المستخدم الخاصة بك لطرف ثالث لتمكينه من إرسال مخاطبات تسويق مباشرة لك دون موافقتك المسبقة على القيام بذلك.
الملفات النصية (كوكيز)
يتوجب عليك أن تعلم أنه من الممكن أن يتم جمع المعلومات والبيانات تلقائيا من خلال استخدام الملفات النصية (كوكيز). وهي ملفات نصية صغيرة يتم من خلالها حفظ المعلومات الأساسية التي يستخدمها موقع الشبكة من أجل تحديد الاستخدامات المتكررة للموقع وعلى سبيل المثال، استرجاع اسمك إذا تم إدخاله مسبقا. قد نستخدم هذه المعلومات من أجل متابعة السلوك وتجميع بيانات كلية من أجل تحسين الموقع، واستهداف الإعلانات وتقييم الفعالية العامة لمثل هذه الإعلانات. لا تندمج هذه الملفات النصية ضمن نظام التشغيل الخاص بك ولا تؤذي ملفاتك. وإن كنت تفضل عدم جمع المعلومات من خلال استخدام الملفات النصية، تستطيع اتباع إجراء بسيط من خلال معظم المتصفحات والتي تمكنّك من رفض خاصية تنزيل الملفات النصية. ولكن لا بد أن تلاحظ، أن الخدمات الموجهّة لك شخصيا قد تتأثر في حال اختيار تعطيل خيار الملفات النصية. إذا رغبت في تعطيل خاصية إنزال الملفات النصية اضغط الرابط هنا للتعليمات التي ستظهر في نافذة منفصلة.