“Syrian revolutionaries” find a place in Manbaj … Presidential Palace in Manbaj … To topple Assad must be “liberated Munbj” ?!

“Syrian revolutionaries” find a place in Manbaj … Presidential Palace in Manbaj … To topple Assad must be “liberated Munbj” ?!

With The entry of the Syrian Islamic extremist groups of the Turkish regime “rebels” the city of Manbj Syria Would have won the “Syrian revolution” and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad fell ?!
After the gathering of radical Syrian Islamists and terrorist groups “Nasra, Turkistani and other terrorist groups” In Idlib, after handing over their weapons and cities And everything related to what they call “revolution” of the Syrian regime under the pressure of their operator, “Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan” Many analysts saw the task before them as the fight against democratic self-governance.
Eight years after the Syrian crisis The Syrian regime, with the support of Russia and Iran, managed to recover all Syrian territory from the Syrian Islamic extremist groups Who received from the outset their support from the Turkish system, And grouping them in Idlib, the capital of the “Turkey’s ally” front on Syrian soil.
After being assembled in Idlib As agreed secretly between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, According to media reports, Erdogan’s mission is complete in getting rid of those groups For the return of the sovereignty of Damascus on all Syrian territory, But the Nasra and other factions rejected the recent Sochi agreement to establish a demilitarized zone, and Erdogan failed to fulfill his pledges to Putin, He promised those groups that he would go to the east of the Euphrates and inspire them that their entry into the East is a victory for their “revolution” And the fall of Assad, who went out for that eight years ago.
More than a week agoTurkey is mobilizing its forces alongside the Syrian Islamic extremist groups to invade the Syrian city of Manbeg Which lies in northeastern Syria. and away fromThe presidential palace is thousands of kilometers, But to serve Erdogan’s agendas we see joy in the hearts of “Syrian rebels”
 They are on the outskirts of the city, which they say is the key to entering the whole of the north-east of Syria, as these areas are under the protection of the Syrian democratic forces that they have protected from terrorists and prevented their destruction, as happened in Homs, Aleppo and Qallmun.
After eight years of the Syrian crisis and After the killing of hundreds of thousands and the destruction of the country and the displacement of millions And the handover of all areas under the control of the rebels to the Syrian regime In addition to handing over their heavy and sophisticated weapons in huge quantities, The radical Syrian Islamists have found the “rebels” who provide free services to Erdogan and help him occupy their land and the situations they have been searching for since then “topple Assad” in the Syrian city of Manbeg, They prepare and mobilize their troops, rejoicing in “liberating Syria from Assad.”

Yara Ali

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