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The Russian Sputnik newsagency published a statement by Ms. Gihan Sheikh Ahmed for the second time in a short time.

We are in the media center of Syrian Democratic Forces, make it clear to the public that Ms. Ahmed did not make any statement to Sputnik, this contradicts professional standards, undermines the credibility of Sputnik and undermines her professionalism in publishing official statement.

Similarly, all the media that quoted the Sputnik report must be accurate and reliable in publishing such news from the main sources. It should be noted that Sputnik made more than one false statement twice, we assure that none of Sputink reporter had called or contacted Gihan Sheik Ahmed for a statment.

We, in the Media Center of the Syrian Democratic Forces are surprised by these false statements and reject them completely, we inform other press around the world that Syrian Democratic Forces have official platforms to make statements that express our point of view; meanwhile we demand Sputniknews agency to clarify the circumstances of this fabrication and publish this clarification, apologizing for fabricating news, we have the right to follow up the issue of publishing “Sputnik” to these statements by Ms. (Cihan Sheikh Ahmed) offcially and through legal methods that are well known.

Director of Media Center of Syrian Media Forces

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