Why was trembling Erdogan during his statement on the entry of the Syrian army city of Manbj ??

Why was trembling Erdogan during his statement on the entry of the Syrian army city of Manbj ??

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appeared, On Friday 28/12/2018 trembling as he made statements about the entry of regular Syrian forces to the city of Manbaj,Where the Turkish army and its Syrian Islamic factions are mobilizing thousands of elements on its borders to launch a military operation to occupy it,While Turkey claims that it will “liberate” it from the People’s Protection Units.
It seems that not only Trump, who surprises the world by issuing fateful decisions change the political equation and change the balance on the military map in Syria,It is clear that Syria’s democratic forces and the Syrian regular army also have a surprise elementAnd mix the cards of the crisis, which turned out to be a game of “gamble”, where each party plays according to the papers it owns, And approach the other party according to its interests imposed by the urgent need “daily”.
Erdogan seems not only surprised by the decision but also shocked him so he did not know how it happened, and it was clear from his words that “this thing is not possible,This is believed to stem from Russian reassurances before agreeing with US President Donald Trump over the phone, and the strings of the equation seem to have changed completely without Erdogan’s expectation, and that was why he was shocked.
Erdogan will travel or contact with Putin and will offer him heavy offers and will try as much as possible to thwart this agreement in any form, He may be offered to the Syrian province of Idlib, which is occupied by al-Qaeda, “the victory front” on a plate of gold and may offer him commercial offers also, But the Syrian decision is clear has been broadcast through an official statement to the media,The other thing has become Erdogan between the volcanoes roamed by fire “Trump fire and raging fire Putin, who is ruthless and is known as the Russian bear.”
This is why Erdogan trembled, he knows in which trap has occurred but is late this time,The self-government, the Democratic Council of Syria and the Democratic Union Party seem to played it correctly and in a way far from the eyes of Erdogan’s intelligence, who watch day and night the movements of the leaders of the Syrian Democratic Council and its military leaders,It seems that this time circumstances and time appropriate and ready to reach with the Syrian government to an agreement prevents the attack of the Turkish army, Where Erdogan can not attack the Syrian regular army out of fear of Putin’s anger.

Erdogan during his statement Did not smile and did not reveal his teeth like all the times when the administration threatened “Kurdish” But said that the deployment of Syrian government forces in the city b psychological process, He said he opposes the division of Syria and that their goal is the departure of terrorist organizations When that happens, they will have nothing left to do in this country . As he describ.
Erdogan also pointed to the possibility of holding telephone talks or a visit to Moscow to meet with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to talk about developments in Syria.

Erdogan said a delegation headed by Foreign Minister Mouloud Jawish oglu,Will travel on Saturday to Moscow, The Syrian issue will be discussed in detail.
For her part, the joint president of the Council of Democratic Syria, Elham Ahmed, revealed to one of the mediaThat Egypt led the mediation between the Syrian government and the Council of Syria’s democracy, Where we know that the Egyptian party in a fierce conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood movement, which is hosted by Erdogan and supported by all means.

Erdogan still has a lot of papers to offer to the Russians during his talks, which will take place quickly, Whether commercial or in terms of influence, which is controlled by the armed factions in Al-Bab , Jrabls ,Afrin , Qabasin and Idlib, which is controlled by Gabhat Nasra,This is believed to be the beginning of the conflict with Erdogan and his government and the conflict will continue Until reaching a comprehensive agreement with the Syrian government under international auspices.
The international coalition did not wake up from Trump’s decision until they were surprised by the invitation of the people’s protection units  And the Syrian army’s regular response to the call, Which put them in the vortex of chasing statements ,And only was issued by them a statement shy, They relied on the Syrian army not to enter the city of Manbaj But the map on the ground changed completely and the Syrian army became a few kilometers away from them as well as on the Turkish border after 7 years of conflict.

No one can predict the Syrian situation  And analyze them correctly because agreements and alliances change every hour
But Trump’s withdrawal has changed the rules of the game and all alliances  So that yesterday’s friends on the front line face to face waiting for the decision of war, which requires courage,
But Erdogan certainly does not have half of them to declare it.

In order not to rush events, to wait for the next few days will reveal to us a lot of surprises.

Yara Ali

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