The Clashes Outcome In (The War Against Terrorism)

The Clashes Outcome In (The War Against Terrorism) – SDF

ISIS terrorists launched a massive attack on our force’s locations in Hajin city and its surrounding areas, however the clashes were the strongest in one of the frontlines in the morning hours, this caused dozens of killed and many injured terrorists. however, our fighters seized number of weapons and an amount of ammunition.

Urgently, our engineering military groups, affiliated to our forces, worked in demining mines that was planted in the region.

A violate clashes occurred between our fighters from one side and terrorists from the other side, where the terrorists shelled our forces locations by mortars and artillery from far away. But our forces resisted them and caused them big loses in causalities and equipment, while the rest escaped. Our fighters swept the area and discovered a tunnel was used by terrorists and destroyed it.

Our fighters launched an attack on terrorists’ locations in the evening hours in other frontline in this axis, heavy clashes occurred as a result and left dozens of injured and killed terrorists. However, our troops went forward 1 KM and controlled 16 new points. Meanwhile, our forces discovered a tunnel, used by terrorists to access our fighters points, where the tunnel was bombed and many terrorists were killed, this was coincided with intensive international coalition airstrike on terrorists locations, As a result, big terrorists loses took place and many of their locations were destroyed.

On the other side of this axis, our fighters achieved a concrete advance, and controlled 21 points, after clashes with terrorists that left killed and injuries of the terrorists.

Our fighters launched another attack in other frontline of this axis, in the evening, where they targeted 4 terrorists’ vehicles after heavy clashes, this caused many killed terrorists, plus, our troops controlled new points, this happened at the time of continues airstrike of the international coalition on terrorist organization locations.

On the other side of this axis, the ISIS terrorists launched an attack on our fighters’ locations by Doscka shelling, strong clashes took place and number of terrorists were killed.

However, the separated clashes have been continuing in most of the frontlines of this Axis, with separate mortars and artillery shells.

During these clashes, some of our fighters were injured in different degrees, where they were transferred to the mobile field clinics to receive treatments.

The last outcome of the clashes:

The killed terrorists: 236.

The terrorists loses : destroying terrorists locations: 91, cutting military roads; used by terrorists: 18, destroying Bulldozers: 3, destroying media center of internet:1, destroying explosive factory:1, bombing logistic supplying car:1, destroying 3 cars one of them was armored, Destroying doshka locations: 3, destroying BKC weapon location: 1 and destroying weapon warehouse: 2.

The international coalition airstrike: 143 shells.

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