Could this be the main reason for the US withdrawal from Syria ??

Could this be the main reason for the US withdrawal from Syria ??

It seems that the American administration’s accusation of Russia to play the results of the elections is not the only one in the circles of the American scenes, but also the role of Turkey and its lobby in changing the course of some changes and even pay bribes to influential figures in the US administration.
The leader of the Democratic minority in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, expressed fears that the Trump decision to withdraw US troops from Syria to try former national security adviser to President Michael Flynn, according to the British newspaper The Independent.
Flynn faces the charge of labor to a foreign country in return for payment of money to continue his company and some of his business with two of his partners, including Turki also raised a case.
Last Wednesday saw the postponement of the verdict hearing in the case of Flynn, who admitted to the implementation of the lobby for the benefit of Turkey, the black propaganda against Islamic thinker Fathullah Colin according to investigations conducted by Robert Mueller on the Russian intervention in the recent US presidential election
Flynn The 60-year-old said the Turkish government had offered him and his company, which had broken up $ 530,000 for a three-month project run by the Turkish government, during his campaign in Trump.
At the beginning this week, Pelosi made a speech in which she said all Americans should be apprehensive about the sudden decision a day after the court’s decision on Flynn, who admitted to being a foreign agent for a country with clear interests in the war in Syria.
The two accomplices, including Turkish businessman Akim Albatkin, are accused of carrying out lobbying for Turkey illegally as part of a campaign to kidnap Fathullah Colin and return him to Turkey.
Pelosi added that the Americans should ask why this decision was not taken in the context of moving forward with the peace talks in Syria,
  Saying: “Syrian families stuck amid conflicts will continue to bear the fears that drain the heart every day. “When we carry the hammer, the Democrats, who make up the majority, will serve the congressional oversight functions to ensure that the President’s decisions fulfill the national security interests of the country and not to achieve political or personal goals.”

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