Details of the events of the conference of the “Yekiti” party and how to elect Suleiman Uso   And why has been excluded some ??

Details of the events of the conference of the “Yekiti” party and how to elect Suliman Oso
  And why has been excluded some ??

The Kurdish Yekiti Party in Syria is one of the strongest Kurdish parties in the Syrian arena. It was expected to play a positive role in the defense of Roj Ava at the beginning of the Syrian crisis. Some even held hopes for this party, which had a reputation in the Kurdish street,
Being considered one of the first parties that initiated the organization of demonstrations and sit-ins in Damascus and Kurdish areas against the arrest of the regime of Kurdish politicians and activists,
And arrested many of the leaders, including Hassan Saleh, who was imprisoned by the regime for a period of time in his prisons as a result of his positions, which was announced in addition to the activities carried out by this party,
However, with the start of events in Syria, the party quickly took the path of the Syrian Islamic extremist factions, especially in Sari Kanyee, Qamishli and Amouda, where the party was active in those areas.
In the depth of the Syrian crisis, the party moved to Istanbul to join the party to the Syrian opposition coalition after it was participating in the Syrian National Council.
The Yekiti Party and its leadership, led primarily by Ibrahim Bro and Fuad Aliko, took more aggressive daily steps against the self-administration declared by the Democratic Union Party with a group of Kurdish parties and with the participation of the region’s components of Arabs, Syriac, Assyrians and Kurds, Al-Yekiti and its leadership and media are taking a speech that is directly in line with Turkey’s hostile rhetoric against self-government and against the whole PKK,They have organized demonstrations, marches and sit-ins against self-government and directed the harshest accusations against them and the people’s protection units, Not only that, but also prepared the files “by the violation of these forces” to be delivered to European countries.
Her self-administration has arrested a number of party leaders and imprisoned them for a few months to be released later without knowing why they were imprisoned and even released.
The party delayed the convening of its conference due to the insistence of Ibrahim Bro and Fuad Aliko not to attend on the pretext of fear of returning to the territory of Roj Ava and attend the conference,But the party held its eighth conference in the city of Qamishlo in western Kurdistan on 21 and 22/12/2018, after a delay of more than two years.
After the insistence and long effort of the leaders of the interior to conduct the conference held the conference amid internal divisions between the members of the central group of the leaders of the party, and between the Inside and Europe , and the Inside and Turkey .
Ibrahim Bro played an important role in changing the outcome of the elections until he bought some votes for his bloc in the party, which is run from Turkey amid full frustration of the rest of the cadres and members who reject any foreign intervention, especially Turkey.
The participants were as follows:

24 from Hawler via Skype and 17 from Turkey via Skype and the phone while only 20 from Germany were in the form of an intervention, while the conference from different regions of Roj Ava 120 members.
24 from Hawler via Skype and 17 from Turkey via Skype and the phone while only 20 from Germany were in the form of an intervention, while the conference from different regions of Roj Ava 120 members.
In the voting process, 10 members of Hawler voted for Suliman Oso and 10 voted for Abdul-Samad Khalaf Bro, the candidate who was competing with Suliman Oso in the party secretariat,
While all 17 votes from Turkey went to Suliman Oso, to which Ibrahim Bro had a hand, where he pressed many of them by electing Suliman Oso, who represents his bloc within the party.
Suliman Oso obtained 91 votes while Abdul Samad succeeded 72, while Farhan Marii and Abdul Baqi Yousif were removed, although the latter is a juridical figure representing the moderate current and accepted by all Kurdish parties.
The conference witnessed the removal of all those who were connected, or even a relationship with the self-management, where the rise of the movement Ibrahim Bro and Fuad Aliko witnessed the leadership positions in the party,
This was a frustrating situation among the ranks of the first and second ranks, as well as the disappointment of al-Qaeda, which had hopes in this party.
Ibrahim Bro wanted to nominate himself again for the Party secretariat, which led many other leaders to threaten the withdrawal in the event that the nomination was again, which has to retreat from this intention.

Nawaf Bashir was appointed in place of Abdel Baki Yousef, although the party blocs are arguing among themselves that he did not deserve it because he knows that he was a Baathist and former member of the pro-Baath Party.
 How would he be appointed instead of Abdel Baqi Yousef, a character who mocked his life for the party?

Abdullah Awja and Abdullah Kaddo were also promoted because they are considered to be from Ibrahim’s bloc, while Abd al-Samad Khalaf Bro and Abdul-Baqi Yousef were also removed because they were not with his current.
In short, the party will spend its project in harmony with the Turkish rhetoric. We will not see any changes because the change in the leadership of the Yekiti party is like the Russian elections and the change of leadership between Putin and Medvedev.

The party conference witnessed continuous spasms, dominated by blocs and splits and not as declared by the party in their statement that the conference was successful, where there is widespread frustration among the party’s supporters and cadres and its central leadership.
The party’s name was also changed from the Kurdish Yekiti party in Syria to the Kurdistani Yekiti Party – Syria,
Mr. Suliman Oso was elected secretary of the party and Mr. Abdullah Auji was elected as his deputy. Fifteen members of the Political Committee were elected, including only two women:

1- Ibrahim Bro 2 – Hassan Saleh 3 – Abdul Samad Khalaf Bro 4 – Ismail Rashid 5 – Fouad Aliko 6 – Mohammed Mustafa 7 – Fahad Sheikh Saeed 8 – Abdullah Kaddo 9 – Wissi Shekhi 10 – Majdal Delly 11 – Marwan Abdi 12 – Marouf Ahmed Ahmed 13 – Nawaf Rashid 14 – Nafisa Shamouni 15 – Nisreen Jato.
Thus, the equation is in the following form. Abdulla Kaddou sat in the place of Fouad Rashad Aliko, now in Istanbul, Suliman Oso replacing Ibrahim Bro and Mohammad Khair Jawish, coordinator of relations between the region and Turkey, of course within the party.

Abdulla Kaddo from the village of Doda in Qamishlu, the son of the village’s elector Sarhan Kaddo, holds Turkish citizenship after his mother’s name. Mohammed Khair Ali is known as Mohammed Khair Ali Gawish is also from the village of Doda .. And now he has two .. And his children in Europe. He was an illiterate carpenter working as a tutor, with respect for all trades.
There is also the mass of Abd al-Samad Khalaf Bro, Professor Muhammad Fares and a group of party cadres whose children were separated from schools during the Syrian government’s control of the Syrian north and Roj Ava,
  And therefore see for themselves the right to lead the party, unlike the stream of Ibrahim and Fuad Aliko, where the latter also has a current known as the stream of climbers.
Party block internal conflicts strongest bloc control Ibrahim Bro with expulsion and removal and fabrication charges against the rest of the opposition figures within the party.

Yara Ali

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