The factions of the Syrian interim government are preparing to “launch an attack” on Al-Raqqa

The factions of the Syrian interim government are preparing to “launch an attack” on Al-Raqqa

In conjunction with the Turkish threats and the decision of US President Donald Trump to withdraw from Syria, The threats and preparations of the Syrian Islamic factions are also increasing for the participation of the so-called military operation on East Euphrates protected by Syria’s democratic forces.
In this context, the Council of the city of Raqqa military of the Syrian interim government and the Syrian opposition coalition that it is preparing to participate in the Turkish military operation and take out the fighters of the People Protection Units YPG from Raqqa.
On Monday, 24/12/2018, the Council discussed with the Syrian interim government the mechanism of entering the city to the city of Raqqa, in the event of the start of an operation in the east of the Euphrates.
This came during a visit to a delegation of the Council headed by Colonel Talib Rahmoun and Major Tareq Ghanoum, to the interim Prime Minister d. Jawad Abu Hatab, in the presence of Colonel Hassan Hammad, Deputy Minister of Defense in the Interim Government, and Dr. Omar Dada, Vice President of the Arab-Turkmen Alliance.
A spokesman for the Council of the Raqqa military Maj. Tareq Ghanoum, told the Aleppo today that during the visit to arrange the entry of the Council to the province of Raqqa, the launch of the East of the Euphrates operation, in coordination with the Turkish forces, which is also mobilizing on the border with the northern regions of Syria and Roj Ava.
Ghoneum confirmed that the council of the city of Raqqa military tender under the national army is ready and ready to carry out any military action inside the city of Al-Raqqa and its affiliated areas, pointing out that all the elements of the Council are members of the city.
The military spokesman pointed out that their goal to participate in the process is to liberate the city of Raqqa at the hands of its sons from the units of protection of the Kurdish people “YPG” and prevent the forces of the regime from entering the area.
The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has announced earlier, that his country decided to delay the launch of the East Euphrates against the backdrop of the recent US position.
It is worth mentioning, the same elements Charcot Turkish army in the invasion and occupation of the city of Afrin and looted the city completely and displaced indigenous people and seized the homes of civilians and kidnapped and demanded a ransom for the release of the kidnapped.
The city is still in turmoil, with no security, no stability, daily kidnappings, murder, ransom demand and displacement outside Afrin. Afrin is not the only one, but all areas of the opposition are in chaos, insecurity and stability.

Yara Ali

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