The French leaders in Ain Issa to QSD, what you need of the weapons we will give you and we seek to activate the air embargo

The French leaders in Ain Issa to QSD, what you need of the weapons we will give you and we seek to activate the air embargo

An informed source close to the Syrian Democratic Forces told our site “Xeber 24” that the top leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces met with the French military commanders in the town of Ain Issa in rural Rigga on Thursday morning 20/12/2018, and asked them to submit their demands of weapons and ammunition to be provided to them, Following the US decision to withdraw its forces.

A source close to Syria’s democratic forces said the military commanders of Syria’s top democratic forces and French military leaders had held a lengthy meeting in the town of Ain Issa. The latest developments on the ground and the consequences of the US president’s decision to withdraw troops from Syria were discussed.

The source pointed out that the French side confirmed to the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces that they will remain militarily committed to remain in Rouge Afa Kordestani and will support Syria’s democratic forces in all forms until the elimination of the call and ensure that they are not subjected to any attack.

The same source said that the French leaders asked the Syrian Democratic Forces to submit their requests for the weapons and ammunition they require, pledging to provide them.

The French military leaders confirmed to Syria’s democratic forces that it would work to impose an air embargo over Roj Ava Kurdistan.

In Al-Elysee Palace on Friday will meet with the joint chairman of the Syrian Democratic Council, Riad Dharar, and the Executive Chairman of the Syrian Democracies Council, Ilham Ahmed, to discuss the implications of the American decision.

In a related context, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that a meeting was held between the French leaders, and among the most prominent leaders of the Syrian Democratic Forces, and in the details obtained by the Syrian Observatory, the meeting, which took place at 9 pm on Thursday Damascus time in the region of Ain Issa, Northwest of Al Raqqa, came to the talks between the parties on the decision of US forces to withdraw their forces from eastern Euphrates under the Turkish military operation looming in the horizon there, the reliable sources told the Syrian Observatory that the French informed the leaders of the Syrian Democratic forces that they will remain by their side until the end and will work To ensure full support for the Custodian of the equipment of logistics and weapons and ammunition, etc., and added that we – the French – we will seek to pressure the Americans to back down from their decision to withdraw from Syria, our goal is not to leave the region to vacuum and follow-up military operations to end the presence of the “Islamic State” Euphrates, and we aim to not extend Iranian influence to the east of the Euphrates.

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