SDC : Turkey’s threats closed chances for peace emphasizes its Turkey’s aggression

The Syria Democratic Council SDC pointed out that Erdogan’s threats close the doors of peace and do not serve the political solution in Syria, and stresses the Turkish aggression and its efforts to destabilize and secure these areas,he called for unifying our ranks agianst these threats and leaving all differences aside.demanding from the international society and UN to deter these aggressive attempts because they do not serve peace.

The Syria Democratic Council issued a statement to the public on the threats of the Turkish state to launch attacks on North Syria , noting that these threats close the door to peace, and confirms the aggression of Turkey and its efforts to undermine the security and stability of the area.

The text of the statement:

The Turkish state is again under the leadership of the Justice and Development Party to launch serious statements towards the components of North Syria , most recently made by the Turkish President” Erdogan “that is in the military operations of the areas of East Euphrates such as these statements are the expression of a policy of aggression that increase tension in the area and close the doors of peace and does not serve the political solution in Syria, an attempt to export its internal crises to neighboring countires.

These statements have declared with approaching end of operations against IS gangs ,raising questions about the extent of its service to the survival of this organization and its continuity by blocking SDF from its ability to pursue terrorism and its sleeper cells, some of which have been proven to be connected to the Turkish interior.

These dangerous statements come in the shadow of the political crisis in Syria and all eyes are on a solution to it. We in the Syria Democratic Council have been working continuously to provide a realistic vision to resolve the crisis and we seek by bringing together all the democratic and secular forces to find a way out. , Including our invitation to the opposition forces to the meetings of Ain Issa for the Syrian-Syrian dialogue with the aim of reuniting the Syrians and unifying visions regarding peaceful solution and rebuilding the state

We have also worked to maintain and seek good-neighborliness, but these threats confirm the Turkish aggressiveness and its attempt to destabilize and secure these areas, which encourages the re-production of Daesh again to corrupt the body of Syria and in order to divide it by supporting fundamentalist currents, So we call on all Syrians to stand up againts the malicious tricks of the Turkish government so as not to add tragedy to other tragedies, And we call on the Syrians in all components in the north and east of Syria to stand firmly against the threats and attempts to occupy the northern regions of Syria and to express their patriotism to prevent these attacks.

We call upon all those who are jealous of Syria’s soil and sovereignty to unite against these threats and leave all differences aside because it will only get worse unless there is a deterrent to this escalation. We call upon all to shoulder their historic responsibility,as well as the forces of the coalition to do its duty and to prevent the attack on the areas that have been liberated from IS gangs together, We call on the international society and the United Nations to deter these aggressive attempts, because they do not serve peace, increase tension in the area and undermine efforts for peaceful resolution

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