Outcome Of Engagements In The Battle To Defeat Terrorism

Outcome Of Engagements In The Battle To Defeat Terrorism


In the context of the continuation of the battle to defeat terrorism to eliminate the remnants of Terrorist “ISIS”organization in the eastern countryside of “Deir El-Zor”, strong Engagements broke out between our fighters and “ISIS” terrorist after the recent attack on the positions of our fighters, various weapons were used, including car bombs that our fighters were able to respond to them, and due to that, a number of terrorists were killed in the Engagements.

The International Air Force carried out intensive raids on terrorist strongholds and fortifications as well as targeting car bombs and vehicles loaded with “Dshk weapons”.

The air jets also destroyed a number of terrorist sites and fortifications and ammunition warehouse, including a site where Daesh leaders were fortified and the death of terrorist leader “Abu Osama al-Albani” was confirmed.

The fighting fronts are witnessing sporadic engagements between our fighters and “ISIS” terrorists.

During a qualitative operation, our forces managed to open a crossing for dozens of “Deir El-Zor” civilians who were used by Daesh organization as human shields.

Our forces secured the crossing, evacuated civilians, and provided them with urgent supplies and medical assistance.

Final Outcome of Engagements:

– Number of strikes by the international coalition: 34 strikes

– Terrorist death: 33 terrorists, four of their dead bodies in the hand of our fighters.

– Losses of terrorists: 1 – the destruction of “ISIS” car number (2)

2 – the bombing of a military vehicle number (2)

3 – the destruction of two sites where “ISIS” terrorists are holed up.

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