Five soldiers killed and two wounded in “Kafr”

Five soldiers killed and two wounded in “Kafr”


The fighters and fighters of the Popular Defense Forces and the women’s free-wing units carried out a military operation against the Turkish occupation army in” Tel-Shir”, located in the village of Kafr Bjolmark. The results of operation is in the deaths of 5 Turkish soldiers and wounding two others.

The PDF Media Center issued a written statement on the operations of their forces:
“Our forces carried out on 29 November at 15:30 a military operation against the Turkish occupation army stationed in the hill of “Ali Sher” in the district of “Kafr” in “Gulmerk”, and our forces were able to hit the trenches of Turkish aggression.
The operation resulted in the deaths of 5 soldiers and wounding 2 others, After the operation of our forces, the enemy army shelled the area with mortars, and the Turkish army warplanes bombarded the Kenyanch square at 18:00.

The Turkish shelling didn’t cause any physical damage to our forces.

Bombing of warplanes:
On 29 November, Turkish warplanes launched air raids on the defense areas of “Madia”. At 09:30 time, Turkish warplanes bombed the “Shahid Adel” square in the “Zay” area. At approximately 14:00, the perimeter of the village of Ghars, located in “Kari”, Also at 20:00 “Golmerk hill”, located in the “Mitna” area.

Martyrdom a fighter as a result of air strikes:
A fighter from our forces was martyred by air raids on the “Zai area”, and air strikes on other areas didn’t cause more damage to our forces.
Later we will reveal the identity of our martyred companion to public opinion. ”

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