Syria’s democratic forces in cooperation with the coalition arrested the second man in the “ISIS”

Syria’s democratic forces in cooperation with the coalition arrested the second man in the “ISIS” – soresh Ahmad

In intelligence operation, “Syrian Democratic Forces” And “US” forces could captured “Osama al-Awaid Abu Zaid”, the most prominent leader of the “ISIS” organization, known as the second man after “AL-BAGHDADI”.

The operation happened in Thursday morning in the town of “Tiyana” in the eastern of “Deir al-Zour”, which is controlled by Syria’s democratic forces east of “Euphrates” River. “ABU-ZEID” was arrested in a secret room under house. During the siege “ABU-ZEID” tried to explode himself, but the forces took his sister with them.

He was arrested alive and found with him around 20 mobile phones, 80 gold ingots and amount of money.

“AL-OWAID” 35 years old, was born in “Al-Tiyana” and a graduate of the law faculty, He had four brothers, two of them were killed with the organization, The third also arrested two month ago by “SDF” and the Fourth resides in the areas that under control by the government.

Al-Awaid was an officer who defected from the forces of the regime and joined to the ranks of the rebels, and then joined with the “Al-Nasra” and then with the organization”ISIS” He was arrested by “Al-Nasra”, when he was putting mines for “ISIS”, after that, he was released By some of his Clans.

Al-Oweid He worked in many different positions in the organization, first: as a officer in “Deir-al-Zour”,Second: then minister of the interior of the organization,Third: entered the Consultative Council,Fourth: became a Security officer in Iraq and Syria. According to insiders, the former spokesman of “ISIS”, “ABU MUHAMMAD AL-ADNANI”,he had slept in the house of “AL-AWAID” when he visited him in “Deir al-Zour”.

“SDF” had found a weapons depot in Village “al-Tiyana”, Investigations concluded that “Al-‘Owaid” He was the one who ran it and that he was running a network of the organization from his secret location.

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