The Daily Outcome Of The Battle To Defeat Terrorism

The Daily Outcome Of The Battle To Defeat Terrorism

With the direct support of the Coalition, our forces responded in the early hours of this morning, 23 November, with the force of simultaneous attacks carried out by the terrorists of “Daesh” “In different directions against the positions and concentrations of our fighters, on the axis of the town (Hajin), using dushka weapons, armored vehicles.
Violent engagements and fierce battles erupted on more than one point, and the terrorists had to retreat under the blows of our fighters.

The clashes and confrontations that lasted until this afternoon resulted in the killing of 15 terrorists and the wounding of 10 others. Our fighters managed to seize a Kalashnikov rifle, a military jeep, a communications device and a first aid kit.
On the same axis, terrorists resumed their attack on the positions of our fighters, which led to the outbreak of confrontations killing two terrorists, and destroyed a car bomb tried to detonate terrorists near the concentration of our fighters, in addition to a small reconnaissance plane.

In another direction on the same axis, our forces managed to destroy another car bomb before reaching its target.
The coalition aircraft carried out 10 raids on terrorist positions and fortifications, killing 10 terrorists, destroying 5 sites, a trench used by terrorists to hide and move, and two armed with Dushka weapons.

The final result of the engagements today as follows:
• coalition air strikes: 10 raids
• Terrorists killed: 27 terrorists
• Terrorist losses:
1. Destruction / 2 / car bomb. 2. Destruction of a reconnaissance aircraft. /2/vehicle loaded with Dushka weapons
Weapons captured by our fighters:
1 – Kalashnikov rifle. 2 – Military Corps. 3. Communication device / Hitra /. 4- First aid kit

SDF Media Center
23 November 2018

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